Impressive Holiday Recipes

Make every holiday special with the best holiday recipes for the family!

Nothing brings us more comfort and joy than good food during quality time. Holiday meals are deeply rooted in traditions and cultures all over the world. There are certainly special dishes that will make everyone feel festive, happy, and excited.

Every holiday recipe you need is here, from main dishes, side dishes, drinks, desserts, and even snacks. With the many recipes you will discover, everyone will have something to remember and enjoy from the holiday.

crowd-pleasing holiday recipe ideas

Not only are these holiday recipes for dishes and drinks delicious and satisfying, but they’re also easy and simple to do. Once you cook these recipes, everyone will surely want to spend the holiday season in your house!

Holiday Recipes for Main Dishes

Roast Chicken

Indeed, Roast Chicken is almost always a must-cook for the holiday.

roast chicken

What makes Roast Chicken one of the most popular dishes during the holiday season? For one, it’s versatile because you can serve it to a wide range of people. It’s easy to prepare, season, and cook, even when you’re in a rush.

I also love how affordable it is – perfect for feeding a crowd when you’re on a budget. Most importantly, its rich, savory, and smoky flavor always brings everyone so much comfort and joy!

Get the Roast Chicken recipe.

Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Have you cooked Air Fryer Chicken Wings for the holiday before?

air fried chicken wings

There is so much to love about the Air Fryer Chicken Wings recipe. First, it’s a cook and convenient way of cooking chicken because you don’t need to deep fry it in so much oil. Cooking it in the air fryer is also a healthier option for holiday indulgence.

Despite using less oil than usual, the chicken wings will still have their signature crispy and crunchy skin and juicy flesh for everyone to enjoy. It satisfies a wide range of palates to make every guest feel welcome.

Get the Air Fryer Chicken Wings recipe.

Turkey Pie

Let the Turkey Pie give you a new turkey experience this time around.

best turkey and mushroom pie

The holiday season will not be complete without turkey and pie, so why not combine them in one Turkey Pie? Turkey has always been a traditional holiday centerpiece because of how versatile it is.

Cooking Turkey Pie is also one of the best ways to repurpose leftover turkey for your guests. It’s convenient to make because you can assemble it beforehand and just cook it hours before the event. Everyone will surely want a slice of your Turkey Pie!

Get the Turkey Pie recipe.

Grilled Salmon

Give your holiday dining a twist with perfect Grilled Salmon!

grilled salmon recipe

Don’t just settle for turkey, beef, and chicken, you should also add fish to your menu. When you want to bring something new to the table, the Grilled Salmon is definitely the one to beat.

As long as you use the right fish seasoning, you will experience just how delicious salmon can be. Aside from the awesome flavors it has, it also has health benefits to make it a nutritious meal for the holidays.

Get the Grilled Salmon recipe.

Chicken Fried Bulgur

Keep your guests interested and excited with Chicken Fried Bulgur on the table!

chicken fried bulgur

If you haven’t tried Chicken Fried Bulgur before, then this is your sign to cook it this holiday season. Bulgut is a type of grain that tastes nutty and slightly earthy. You can also make it special with chicken, green beans, bell peppers, and more.

It’s definitely a unique twist on traditional holiday dining. Chicken Fried Bulgur is also a healthy option for your guests, especially vegetarians. After all, holiday recipes are all about trying something new, right?

Get the Chicken Fried Bulgur recipe.

Grilled Tilapia

Make it a real happy holiday with Grilled Tilapia!


Grilled Tilapia is a refreshing and light dish to balance your dining. It has a mild flavor and delicate quality that gives you a whole new experience. Since it’s low in calories and rich in protein, it’s going to be good for everyone’s health, too.

Like other dish recipes, the Grilled Tilapia is also easy and quick to prepare. Using simple spices, you can give it a fantastic flavor and quality. I can’t wait for you to see how much better the holidays will be with this dish!

Get the Grilled Tilapia recipe.

Grilled Croaker

Here’s another grilled fish recipe for you, the Grilled Croaker!

oven-grilled croaker fish recipe

Make holiday dining a unique experience for everyone with delicious Grilled Croaker. It’s an exotic dish that can surprise your guests in many ways. It has a tender texture and a smoky flavor from the inside out.

You will also appreciate how simple it is to prepare and cook the Croaker. There are different herbs and spices you can add to make it as flavorful was you want. Give it an elegant presentation to serve as an impressive centerpiece!

Get the Grilled Croaker recipe.

Holiday Recipes for Side Dishes


Claim your happy holiday vibes when you taste Coleslaw!


When it comes to side dishes for the holidays, you can never forget about Coleslaw. It’s an easy salad recipe that you can make from shredded cabbage, carrots, and a tangy and creamy dressing.

Give everyone a break from filling and savory dishes with a light and relaxing side dish. Coleslaw has a crispy and creamy texture that you will enjoy. It’s also colorful and vibrant that will appetize everyone as soon as they see it.

Get the Coleslaw recipe.

Jollof Rice

Instead of the classic white rice, why not try the most flavorful Jollof Rice for a side dish?

smoky jollof rice

I love serving Jollof Rice for the holidays because it has a rich and vibrant quality. It combines the flavor of tomatoes, onions, and peppers to add so much flavor to the rice. Even on its own, it’s already so appetizing and inviting.

It’s all about cooking basmati rice in authentic pepper sauce to get the smoky, savory, and sweet quality that it deserves. You can also serve Jollof Rice with any of your main dishes, that’s how versatile it is.

Get the Jollof Rice recipe.

Fried Rice

Make your holiday mornings comforting with some Fried Rice!

Nigerian fried rice recipe

Do you need more rice recipes for the holidays? You can’t forget about Fried Rice. It’s also one of the best ways to make use of your leftover rice. All you have to do is fry it with vegetables and spices to give it a whole new flavor.

From now on, don’t let your holiday rice go to waste and just cook Fried Rice to turn it into a whole new dish. It goes with your favorite breakfast dishes or even lunch and dinner meals!

Get the Fried Rice recipe

Coconut Fried Rice

Take a break from the classic fried rice and try the Coconut Fried Rice version instead!

coconut fried rice

The Coconut Fried Rice has a rich and aromatic quality that makes it so enjoyable. Even the flavor of the coconut milk truly gives the rice a new character. Its colorful presentation will also make the rice so much more inviting.

You can prepare it in advance, especially when you have plenty of other dishes to cook for the day. It’s one of the best dishes to serve to a crowd because of how festive it looks and tastes!

Get the Coconut Fried Rice recipe.

Gizzard Stew

Sometimes, all you need is a good Gizzard Stew to improve your holiday dining experience!

chicken gizzard stew

It’s truly interesting how chicken gizzards have such a unique and exotic quality. Once you cook them, you will taste how rich and meaty they are and feel how chewy and tender every bite can be. The Gizzard Stew is also an affordable option for family holidays.

Gizzards are not just delicious, but they’re also healthy for you. I especially suggest cooking it when you want to add an African or Asian flare to your holiday meals. Gizzard Stew never fails to make everyone feel warm and comfortable.

Get the Chicken Gizzard Stew recipe

Amala Fele Fele

Cook Amala Fele Fele for the holidays because it’s a no-fail side dish for every occasion!

easy amala dudu fele fele recipe

Africa is truly home to many delicious side dishes, one of them is Amala Fele Fele. It’s a popular swallow food that you can easily make from yam flour and water. The fluffy and nutty quality of Amala Fele Fele makes it perfect for the holiday.

It’s a comforting side dish, especially on cold winter days. Your guests will surely appreciate a heart side dish that leaves them feeling satisfied. Dining over Amala Fele Fele will certainly bring everyone a sense of unity!

Get the Amala Fele Fele recipe

Plantain Fufu

Here’s another swallow food for your holiday table, Plantain Fufu!

how to make fresh green plantain fufu

Did you know that you can make fufu from plantains for the holidays? The Plantain Fufu turns unripe or ripe plantains into a smooth, thick, and sticky swallow food to go with all of your favorite holiday dishes.

Cooking Plantain Fufu is one of the best ways to let everyone enjoy healthy fruits during occasions. It will give such a new and unique experience to everyone. Plantain Fufu is also a healthy option. You’d also be delighted to know that it’s 100% gluten-free!

Get the Plantain Fufu recipe

Assorted Fried Fish Stew

Do you need another stew recipe? Maybe the Assorted Fried Fish Stew is for you!

fried assorted fish stew

The Assorted Fried Fish Stew is one of the best stews to serve for the holidays because of how rich it tastes. It has different kinds of fish that will give you a surprise at every bite. I especially love how thick and flavorful it is.

Aside from the fish, Assorted Fried Fish Stew also has other ingredients like tomatoes, onions, and peppers to make the whole dish better. Wait until your loved ones taste it in your home!

Get the Assorted Fried Fish Stew recipe.

Egusi Soup

See how much better your holiday dining will be with Egusi Soup!

healthy almond vegetables stew

Don’t you just love how comforting soups are during the holiday season? I especially like serving Egusi Soup because of its cultural importance to my family. It also has a savory flavor and a creamy texture. It’s known for egusi seeds that make it nutty and mildly sweet.

Aside from its flavor, the Egusi Soup is also a nutritious option for occasions. It can be a good sharing experience for the whole family to give everyone a feeling of togetherness!

Get the Egusi Soup recipe.

Strawberry Jam

Nothing beats jamming together on the dining table than with Strawberry Jam!

how to make strawberry jam

Fresh strawberries may be refreshing and delicious but wait until you turn them into thick, creamy, and versatile Strawberry Jam. It’s going to take your holiday baked goods to a whole new level because of its awesome quality.

Instead of buying strawberry jam, it’s simple to make at home and it’s such a seasonal delight. It’s also versatile because you can use it for bread, scones, tea, and even desserts.

Get the Strawberry Jam recipe.

Braided Bread

Add a twist to your classic bread with easy, beautiful, and perfect Braided Bread!

soft and fluffy braided bread

Homemade braided bread adds such a special touch to holiday celebrations. My kids love waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning. The bread brings such an inviting atmosphere for every occasion.

It’s also a versatile dish because you can use any filling or spread to give it the best flavor and quality. You can toast, air fry, or even cook it into a whole new dish. In fact, it can be a splendid gift for your guests!

Get the Braided Bread recipe.

Holiday Recipes for Dessert

Vanilla Ice Cream

It’s finally time for desserts, let’s start with an oldie but goodie Vanilla Ice Cream!

vanilla ice cream

It won’t be a holiday without the best desserts. I always like to serve Vanilla Ice Cream because its flavor goes so well with other dishes. It has a sweet flavor and smooth texture that tastes and feels so relaxing and filling.

After eating the main dishes, you can give everyone a scoop of ice cream for the complete experience. All of your loved ones will surely love how creamy, thick, and decadent it is!

Get the Vanilla Ice Cream recipe.

Chocolate Cake

You can never forget about Chocolate Cake for the holidays!

moist chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake is always an indulgent treat that gives you such a sense of luxury during holiday celebrations. It has a rich and luscious flavor that makes every sweet tooth’s dream come true. Since it appeals to people of all ages, you should make enough for all of your guests.
You can give the cake a stunning look when you decorate it with frosting, ganache, or even fresh fruits. There is also more than one way to make Chocolate Cake so you can have fun making your own version!

Get the Chocolate Cake recipe

Pound Cake

There’s another cake recipe that you’ll love, the Pound Cake.

pound cake

The Pound Cake is a classic dessert that’s known for its long history. It’s a timeless dish that makes your holiday celebrations better. Because of how simple it is, it becomes a versatile dish that you can top with your favorite fruits, condiments, and seasonings.

You can cook the Pound Cake ahead of time and just warm it up whenever you have guests over. It’s certainly a crowd-pleasing dish that can make the perfect dessert or gift!

Get the Pound Cake recipe

Carrot Cake

Are you looking for healthy desserts? Go for the Carrot Cake!

how to make carrot cake at home

Every bite of the Carrot Cake gives you an awesome blend of warm, sweet, and earthy flavors. It gives such a comforting feeling to make everyone warm and cozy. Most importantly, it’s an ideal choice for healthy dining, even for dessert.

If you love it on its own, then you will surely enjoy it when it has frosting. When you cook it perfectly, it will have a moist quality and tender crumbs for the best dessert yet. I can’t wait for you to taste it!

Get the Carrot Cake recipe.

Almond Loaf

Put your almonds to good use by using them for Almond Loaf for the holidays!

almond cake

It’s time to try a special loaf flavor: Almond Loaf! What I love about almonds is that it’s not just nutty, but it’s also sweet and buttery. Aside from using almonds as toppings, the cake batter uses ground almonds for an intense flavor.

Like other loaves, Almond Loaf is a versatile dessert that you can enjoy with tea, coffee, ice cream, and so much more. It has a heavenly texture that feels like it’s melting in your mouth. You can make it ahead and just serve it whenever needed!

Get the Almond Loaf recipe.

Vanilla Cake

You can never forget about cooking Vanilla Cake for the holidays.

how to make vanilla cake

Don’t you just love how satisfying Vanilla Cake is? It’s one of the easiest cake recipes you can do for the family. It also has a golden brown color outside and a mild yet satisfying flavor inside.

It takes less than an hour to make with your pantry’s most basic cake ingredients. The best part about it is that you can add any filling or frosting you want! I’m sure you’ll be excited to serve it for your celebrations.

Get the Vanilla Cake recipe.

Fruit Salad

It’s always good to serve a healthy dessert for holiday dining, especially when its Fruit Salad!

juicy fruit salad

Fruit Salad has a festive appearance and flavor that will make everyone feel the real holiday spirit. Instead of the classic sweet and sugary desserts, make fresh, colorful, and absolutely delicious Fruit Salad.

It’s certainly one of the holiday recipes that can be prepared in several minutes to give you something quick to serve for any occasion. Everyone will surely appreciate a dish as healthy as this!

Get the Fruit Salad recipe.

Holiday Recipes for Drinks

Pomegranate Juice

Feel the festive vibe with vibrant Pomegranate Juice!

Pomegranate Juice | Anar Juice

What makes Pomegranate Juice one of the best drinks and juices for Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving? Its color and flavor never fail to give a cheery, happy, and exciting feeling!

Its sweet and tangy flavor also makes it a great refreshment for family parties. You will surely love how refreshing it tastes. Just juice the pomegranate arils to taste how perfect it is for the holidays!

Get the Pomegranate Juice recipe

Beetroot Juice

Be happier this holiday season with every sip of the Beetroot Juice!

beet juice

Nothing beats fresh Beetroot Juice for the holidays. Its rich red color alone will already remind you of special occasions. Beetroot Juice also has a sweet, tangy, and earthy mix of flavors for the best experience.

Serve this delicious Beetroot Juice for the holiday season to quench everyone’s thirst with a dose of this power drink. It’s also an all-natural healthy recipe for guests on a gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian diet! 

Get the Beetroot Juice recipe.

Clementine Juice

For citrus juice for occasions, why not try some Clementine Juice?

clementine juice

Claim the best holiday dining experience with Clementine Juice! It’s freshly squeezed juice from saccharine, tarty, and juicy clementines. I’m sure everyone will appreciate just how refreshing it is.

It’s sweet, sour, colorful, and ultimately revitalizing. The best part is you can juice it for a quick drink in just a few minutes. Just squeeze all of the pulp and juices out to get the burst of flavors it can offer!

Get the Clementine Juice recipe.

Pineapple Orange Ginger Juice

One of the best trio combinations for fresh juice is definitely Pineapple Orange Ginger Juice!

juice cleanse

Aside from using one or two fruits, you can go for combinations for an interesting mix of flavors. It’s a must-try drink because it satisfies your sweet cravings and makes you feel refreshed and calm.

It’s not just for the summer season because its citrusy sweet taste is good for the holiday season too. The color and fragrance will also make your dining table festive for everyone to love!

Get the Pineapple Orange Ginger Juice recipe.

Zobo Drink

experience the incredible quality of Zobo Drink like never before!


Zobo Drink is a popular Nigerian drink that’s known for its distinct flavor from hibiscus flowers. You can always further improve it with ginger, oranges, and pineapples for that extra-sweet flavor.

It’s the best fusion of tea and juice because it can give you health benefits, relaxation, and satisfaction. It can surely be a new drink that everyone in your family can try out.

Get the Zobo Drink recipe.

Iced Tea

Hot tea is soothing and delicious but wait until you taste Iced Tea!

iced tea recipe

How can you make tea taste better for the holidays? Turn it into an Iced Tea! Making Iced Tea is an easy way of giving everyone something to drink that’s actually good for their health.

Even guests who don’t normally drink tea will be enticed to taste the Iced Tea. You can use any tea flavor that you like to give it the best flavor yet. Everyone will surely appreciate a new drink flavor for the holidays!

Get the Iced Tea recipe.

Orange Juice

Don’t forget about the classic Orange Juice recipe for the holidays!

fresh orange

No matter what season it is, you can never forget about Orange Juice. It only takes minutes to make from fresh oranges. Even if it’s a classic juice flavor, everybody needs a glass of Orange Juice for the holidays!

I love how Orange Juice pairs so well with lots of dishes. It’s truly an all-time favorite on any occasion. According to Healthline, drinking orange juice will even give so many health benefits for you!

Get the Orange Juice recipe.

Holiday Recipes for Snacks

Puff Puff (Deep Fried Dough Balls)

This holiday, why not cook Puff Puff that’s crunchy on the outside yet soft on the inside?

quick and easy puff puff recipe for beginners

Every holiday season calls for comforting and pleasant snacks that make everyone feel happy. I especially suggest cooking African Puff Puffs to let everyone experience something soft, delicious, and light!

It’s a deep-fried snack that’s crunchy on the outside yet crumbly and tender on the inside. You will surely love how easy and quick it is to make. I can certainly assure you that the kids will devour these in just minutes!

Get the Puff Puff recipe.

Meat Pie

For a meaty and beefy snack, cook a savory and smoky Meat Pie!

Nigerian meat pie

Whenever you want to cook a filling snack for the holidays, always go for Meat Pies. The crust is alone flaky, crunchy, and crispy. On the other hand, the filling has beef, chicken, and all the right seasonings for the best flavor.

You can easily cook it for a satisfying snack that keeps everyone full and happy. Even if it takes awhile to cook it, every minutes is worth it. From the crust to the filling, Meat Pies are absolutely fantastic!

Get the Meat Pie recipe.

Chicken Pie

Did you love the Meat Pie? You should definitely try the Chicken Pie, too!

homemade chicken pie

You can never have too many pies for the holidays, so why not cook Chicken Pie too? As you bite into the pie, you will experience how great the crust feels and tastes. It will certainly make you enjoy chicken so much more.

On the inside, you will taste the tasty and juicy quality of the chicken. You’ll certainly love it as much as you loved the Meat Pie. Your guests will surely feel comfort and satisfaction after relishing this snack!

Get the Chicken Pie recipe.

Coconut Chin Chin

Here’s another comforting snack for you this holiday, Coconut Chin Chin!

coconut chin chin

Every home needs bite-sized snacks for the holiday season. Get inspired by the best African snacks with Coconut Chin Chin. It’s a deep-fried snack that’s perfectly crunchy and flavorful because it’s infused with coconuts.

Whether it’s the holiday season or not, Coconut Chin Chin is always a good snack to cook. It’s perfect for kids and adults like. Everyone will surely enjoy this healthy and family-friendly snack!

Get the Coconut Chin Chin recipe.

Flat Chin Chin

Feel the crunch of the Flat Chin Chin when you cook it at home!

flat chin chin

If you love Chin Chin, then you will surely love the Flat Chin Chin recipe! I always love how flaky and crunchy it is. All you have to do is make the dough and deep fry until you get the best texture.

It’ll surprise everyone who hasn’t tried African recipes for the holidays! It can be a suitable choice for anyone during your celebrations. They will surely be excited about its cake-like and mildly sweet flavor. 

Get the Flat Chin Chin recipe.

Fish Rolls

Rise to the occasion with perfectly cooked Fish Rolls!

fish roll recipe

Roll your way to the happiest holiday season with Fish Rolls! It’s one of my favorite ways of eating fish because inside the crunchy crust is the most flavorful fish filling. Like pies, these Fish Rolls make amazing holiday snacks.

Like other roll recipes, Fish Rolls are easy and quick to cook. The secret is in using the right filling that will make every bite delicious. Your guests will surely appreciate such a healthy recipe for the holidays!

Get the Fish Rolls recipe.

Egg Rolls

Turn ordinary hard-boiled eggs into Egg Rolls for one of the best snacks yet!

The best egg rolls

Experience your boiled eggs in a fun and interesting Egg Rolls recipe from the African cuisine. Once your guests bite into the pastry outside, they’ll love the perfectly boiled egg inside!

I love cooking Egg Rolls for the holidays because of how much comfort it brings to the family. It also has a filling effect while keeping you healthy and fit. It’s like an egg inside a crumbly crust!

Get the Egg Rolls recipe.

Coconut Egg Rolls

The classic Egg Rolls are delicious but there’s also another version called the Coconut Egg Rolls!

coconut egg roll

If you love the Egg Rolls, then you will also enjoy the Coconut Egg Rolls. Not only do they have the mild flavor of eggs, but they are made tastier with the nutty and sweet coconuts.

You might be surprised at how delicious eggs can taste with sweet and nutty coconuts. These Coconut Egg Rolls might as well be your loved ones’ next favorite African snack!

Get the Coconut Egg Rolls recipe.

Sausage Rolls

Cook your sausages in a whole new way with the Sausage Rolls recipe!

sausage rolls

Sausage Rolls are one of the most family-friendly snack recipes, whether it’s the holiday season or not. Savory and smoky sausages in light and airy pastry are so heavenly that even adults will enjoy them.

This is certainly the perfect dish to serve for a holiday weekend picnic with your friends and family. Trust me, it will be one of the best dishes you will ever serve for the holidays!

Get the Sausage Rolls recipe


Do not miss out on Donuts for the holidays!

homemade strawberry jam recipe

There’s no need to buy donuts in stores because you can make special donuts for your family at home. You will surely get light, airy, and fluffy donuts that you can fill with your favorite sauce or syrup.

It can be served as the perfect dish for breakfast or brunch, desserts, or snacks on any holiday occasion. You can also pipe in some Strawberry Jam for flavor and color. What other filling do you want to taste in donuts?

Get the Donuts recipe.

Twisted Donuts

Why not make donuts so much more interesting with Twisted Donuts?

twisted Korean donut

Give your guests something to remember about the dining experience by preparing Twisted Donuts! Not only are these delicious, but they’re also appetizing and enticing to eat.

Twisted Donuts are also so inviting because of how beautiful they look and how awesome they taste. Let your loved ones experience the quality of fluffy and tasty Twisted Donuts for the best time together! 

Get the Twisted Donuts recipe.

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