Coleslaw Recipe

Give everyone the best dining experience and make Coleslaw to serve as a side dish!

Coleslaw is inspired by the Dutch word, “koolsla”, which means cabbage salad. It is made of shredded cabbage and made better with a salad dressing for a creamy quality, carrots for extra flavor, and plenty of other ingredients.

Sometimes, it is mixed with peppers, carrots, onions, cheese, and even apples for variety and flavor. I’m sure it’s going to be one of the best no-cook recipes you will make at home.

coleslaw recipe

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Even if it’s a simple dish, it can make your meal extraordinary. There are different ways to prepare it but it’s always good to start with the classic Coleslaw recipe. Give it a try and realize how good it is!

How to Make Coleslaw

In this classic and easy Coleslaw recipe, you only need four ingredients and about ten minutes of your time. With a little bit of chopping and mixing, you can enjoy your Coleslaw in no time!


What is Coleslaw made of? Let’s take a look.

White cabbage

The main ingredient in Coleslaw is the white cabbage.

White cabbage usually has round pale green leaves, a mildly sweet flavor, and a naturally crispy texture. You may usually use it for steaming and stir-frying, but it tastes amazing in Coleslaw.

There are different ways to enjoy cabbage. It goes well with salads, pasta, stir-fries, burgers, soups, and more. Most importantly, you can be sure that when you eat it, it’s going to have positive effects on your health.

Health Benefits of White Cabbage

  • The vitamin C in cabbages is great for boosting your immunity.
  • According to Health, cabbages are good sources of fiber for better digestion.
  • These veggies are the perfect foods for your low-calorie diet.
  • Healthline shared that eating cabbages can lower your blood pressure significantly.
  • You can also lower your cholesterol with cabbages in your meals.

Once you taste it, Coleslaw will surely be one of your favorite healthy recipes. It truly brings so much quality to your meals and your health. When it comes to cabbage recipes, Coleslaw is a must-try!


A Coleslaw recipe is not complete without carrots!

The color and flavor of carrots certainly bring out the best in this side dish. It tastes mildly sweet with a slight earthy tone to it, too. You can trust that the carrots will pair well with the cabbage.

Even the vibrant orange color of the carrots instantly improves the Coleslaw. Aside from using them raw, you can also steam, puree, juice, blend, bake, air fry, and roast them.

Moreover, you can use carrots to make oil, powder, or baby food! Carrots never go to waste because I also use them for Anti-Inflammatory Juice, Ramen Noodle Soup, and Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry.

prepping coleslaw ingredients

It won’t hurt to balance all of the flavors with onions.

Coleslaw will taste so much better with the spicy and pungent quality of the onion. Whether cooked or raw, it certainly adds great quality to food. Once you add it to the dish, you will love how crisp and crunchy it is.

In this recipe, I suggest using white onions because of their mild yet sweet flavor. They are also the best onions to use for salads. The onion’s aroma will also make the dish so appetizing that everyone won’t be able to resist it.


Mix all of the tasty goodness together with mayonnaise!

There are many Coleslaw dressings you can try, and one of the simplest ones I can suggest is mayonnaise. It has the perfect balance of salty and sour flavors to coat everything.

The thick consistency of the mayonnaise also binds the food together for you to get full flavors at every bite. Mayonnaise also gives the dish a creamy texture for a great experience.

Sometimes, a classic Coleslaw is all you need for a fun time with your loved ones. This recipe is perfect for celebrations and even on ordinary days when you need comfort food! 


Whip up this quick creamy Coleslaw recipe in minutes for the best dining experience!

  1. Use a knife to chop the white cabbage in half and remove the core.
  2. Shred the cabbage with a knife.
  3. Then, transfer the contents to a bowl.
  4. Rinse and peel the carrot.
  5. Use a grater to shred the carrot.
  6. Dry it with a kitchen towel
  7. Then, peel and dice the onion using a knife.
  8. Mix the fresh veggies in a bowl.
  9. Add the mayonnaise and stir!
make ahead coleslaw recipe

And just like that, you’ve got yourself stellar Coleslaw! It won’t even take you ten minutes to prepare. You can serve it to family and friends or make it for everyone to love! 


White cabbage

Buying white cabbage
  • An article by Experience Life states that the cabbage should feel heavy and compact.
  • Furthermore, ensure that it has no blemishes, soft spots, or wilted leaves.
  • Check the inner crispy leaves for rotten areas. 
Storing white cabbage
  • Do not wash the cabbage until you are ready to use it. Then, place it in a resealable bag and refrigerate for two months.
  • Once sliced, wrap the remaining cabbage in cling film. Refrigerate and use it within three days. 


Buying carrots
  • Buy carrots that feel firm with carrot tops.
  • Also, ensure that they have no discoloration or cracks. 
Storing carrots
  • Remove the carrot tops and store them without washing them in containers.
  • They can last up to five days at room temperature and up to several weeks in the fridge. 
coleslaw salad recipe


Buying onions
  • Buy firm onions without soft spots or discoloration. 
  • The skin should also feel papery yet smooth.
Storing onions
  • Place the onions in cool and well-ventilated areas.
  • Once peeled, transfer them into resealable bags to refrigerate. 

Homemade Mayonnaise

You can make mayonnaise using two eggs, lemon extract, oil, and sea salt.

  1. First, separate the yolk and the egg white.
  2. Then, whisk the egg yolk with the lemon juice. 
  3. Add a few drops of oil while mixing.
  4. Stir until it thickens to your desired texture.
  5. Season it with sea salt, and you’ve got yourself some mayo! 

Add this to Coleslaw for a creamy texture!

Grating carrots without a grater

Aside from using a grater, you can achieve the same results with a food processor or a blender. Otherwise, finely chop it with a knife. As a matter of fact, you can use a V-Blade Slicer to get things done quickly! 

Coleslaw Variations

You can always make your own version of Coleslaw.

Sometimes, a little bit of spice can go a long way. The best spices include honey, apple cider vinegar, parsley, dijon mustard, black pepper, seeds, sugar, sour cream, and more.

Mix your chosen spices with the mayonnaise before making the coleslaw to infuse the flavors in the mayo. It will also result in a unique color in the dressing. Just try different combinations to know which one you like best.

Meanwhile, you can use red, green, or savoy cabbage because of its amazing flavor and texture. You can try adding apples, bell peppers, jalapeno, dill, and more for other ingredients! 

  • Grater: Grate the carrots with a grater for a fine texture. 
  • Peeler: Remove the skin of the carrots using a peeler. 
  • Knife: Peel and slice ingredients with a knife. 
  • Cutting board: Prepare the veggies on a clean cutting board.
  • Bowl: Assemble the coleslaw in a bowl. 

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How to Serve Coleslaw

In just ten minutes, your Coleslaw is ready to serve!

Coleslaw is one of the best side dishes for any meal of the day. It goes with so many dishes that you can enjoy it anytime. You will surely love it for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

Aside from making it as a side dish, you can use it as a filling for burgers and sandwiches. It will also taste well with savory and smoky dishes with beef, chicken, and even turkey.

If it’s not too moist from the mayonnaise, then add it to your tortilla wraps for a healthy dish. Even your favorite sausage recipes can be tastier with the Coleslaw. Check out these dishes to enjoy more of this:

You can serve Coleslaw for breakfast, appetizers, or even snacks. Aside from being one of the best side dishes for almost any recipe, coleslaw tastes amazing with the following dishes:

  • Breakfast Sandwich – eat your sandwich with a side of Coleslaw.
  • Fish Rolls – enjoy crunchy Fish Rolls with vegetables as your side dish.
  • Roast Chicken – serve your chicken with coleslaw for the best meal.
  • Beef Skewers – savor your beef as you pair it with cabbages.
  • Breakfast Wraps – add coleslaw inside your wraps or serve them separately.
  • Sausage Rolls – love smoky sausage rolls with some coleslaw.

Whether it’s an ordinary or special day, you can always make your meals better with Coleslaw!

what to eat coleslaw with

What to Serve With Coleslaw

Storage Tips

  • At room temperature: According to All Recipes, coleslaw can be left at room temperature for only two hours. 

make ahead

In the fridge: Keep it in a container. Then, store in the fridge for up to four days. 

To freeze: Freezing coleslaw is not suggested.

I also suggest chopping the vegetables to store in a resealable bag. Add the mayonnaise at least one hour before serving. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is coleslaw mixture made of?

Coleslaw mix is made of cabbage, carrots, and onions, but you can add other fruits or veggies as long as they improve the flavors. It’s also good to season the Coleslaw with herbs and spices that you like best.

What is coleslaw usually made of?

The classic Coleslaw dish is made of cabbages, carrots, and a dressing. The dressing can be a mix of mayonnaise, vinegar, sugar, salt, and pepper. There are also optional ingredients like onions, apples, nuts, seeds, and more.

What is KFC coleslaw made of?

The KFC Coleslaw is popularly made of cabbage, carrots, onions, and a creamy and thick dressing. It has a good mix of sweet, sour, tangy, and earthy flavors at every bite.

Why is it called coleslaw?

The word “Coleslaw” came from the Dutch word “koolslo.” “Kool” means cabbage” while “sla” means salad. When you translate it, the dish will be called cabbage salad.

healthy coleslaw


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Get a taste of authentic, homemade, and classic coleslaw with creamy and crunchy goodness!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 10
Course Appetizer, Salad, Side Dish
Cuisine Netherland
Calories 170kcal


  • ½ white cabbage (small-sized, finely shredded)
  • 2 carrots (medium-sized, shred for crunchier coleslaw) see note 3
  • ½ onion (small-sized, diced)
  • 1 cup mayonnaise (use more for creamier coleslaw)


  • Prepare the vegetables.
    Start by cutting the white cabbage in half and removing the core.
    Shred the cabbage using a knife and transfer the contents to a bowl. For the carrot, peel, grate, and dry it with a kitchen towel to reduce the juice content. Then, peel and dice the onion.
  • Make the coleslaw.
    Combine the fresh ingredients in a bowl and add the mayonnaise. Use your hand or a spoon to coat the ingredients in the dressing.
  • Serve.
    Serve it as a salad on its own or pair it with something else, like a wrap or dinner roll, a favorite rice dish, and more.



  1. Season the coleslaw with flavoring agents like sugar, honey, salt, and mustard if preferred.
  2. Refrigerate the chopped vegetables and add the mayonnaise once ready to serve.
  3. Shredding the carrots rather than grating them to add extra crunch to the creamy coleslaw and prolongs its shelf life! 


Serving: 70gCalories: 170kcalCarbohydrates: 4gProtein: 1gFat: 17gSaturated Fat: 3gPolyunsaturated Fat: 10gMonounsaturated Fat: 4gTrans Fat: 0.04gCholesterol: 9mgSodium: 158mgPotassium: 120mgFiber: 1gSugar: 2gVitamin A: 2092IUVitamin C: 16mgCalcium: 23mgIron: 0.3mg
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