Healthy Salad Recipe for Weight Loss

Complete your weight loss journey with a Healthy Salad that satisfies your cravings, appetite, and nutritional needs! 

In addition to being healthy and engaging in physical activities, you need a proper diet to lose weight. After all, you are what you eat, so always eat healthy to be healthy. 

Hence, there is no need to skip meals to reach your fitness goals. In fact, the best meals can actually help you take one step closer to a better and healthier version of yourself. 

You can never go wrong with a good salad recipe. It has a mix of colorful, flavorful, and nutritious fruits and veggies that make losing weight so much more fun. 

healthy salad

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Today, you will learn a healthy salad recipe that you can make for yourself or your family. Each ingredient is all-natural, healthy, and 100% weight-loss-friendly! 

How to Make a Healthy Salad

Like other salad recipes, this salad dish is truly easy. You can do it in minutes by mixing everything together. Once you prepare all of the fruits and veggies, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy it! 

Find out all you need to have and do to make the best healthy salad recipe ever! 


There are so many fruits and veggies you can use to make salads, but these are some of the best ones you can use. 

Romaine lettuce

When it comes to making salads, the romaine lettuce is certainly a staple leafy green. It has a fantastic color that already tells you that the salad is going to be a healthy one. 

The lettuce has a slightly bland and mildly sweet taste that goes well with almost any fruit or veggie. It also adds a crunchy texture that will make the dish enjoyable.

According to Food NDTV, the lettuce is low in calories yet high in water content. It will surely help with your digestion and metabolism in many ways. The lettuce is actually one of my go-to options for a good salad


Your salad will definitely taste so much better with carrots. Its bright orange color brings out so much color that makes the dish appetizing and inviting for everyone. 

Use fresh carrots to taste their perfect blend of sweet and earthy flavors. Even if you add them raw, you will surely love how they taste with the fruits and veggies in this recipe. 

How can carrots help you lose weight? HealthifyMe suggests carrots for a calorie deficit diet because one cup has only about 50 calories! 

Baby spinach

Indeed, you can never have too many leafy greens in your healthy salad. Instead of using lettuce alone, pair it with baby spinach to get a richer color and better flavor. 

Baby spinach tastes like a pleasant mix of sweet, bitter, and earthy flavors. Even if it looks crunchy, baby spinach actually feels soft and tender while raw. 

PharmEasy found that baby spinach is fiber-rich to boost digestion and relieve constipation. With an effective spinach storage tip, you can keep them fresh to make the salad! 


Take your healthy salad to the next level with fruits like cucumber. Even its own, the cucumber already tastes great as a salad. Just imagine how tastier it will be with other fruits and veggies. 

What makes cucumber perfect for your salad? Well, it has a mildly sweet flavor and a crisp texture at every bite. Eating cucumber also has a cooling and hydrating effect that you will appreciate. 

MedicineNet mentioned that since the cucumber keeps you hydrated, you will likely eat less. I love adding it to Tortilla Wraps and Green Smoothie for an incredible quality! 


Give the salad a pop of color and flavor with sweetcorn. Despite their small size, corn kernels are fantastic for a crunchy, chewy, and buttery quality in your salad. 

You will certainly love the milky and sweet flavor of sweetcorn. Just use the kernels from Corn on the Cob or Oven Roasted Sweet Corn to get corn with the right flavor and texture. 

Be Body Wise shared that sweetcorn is a good source of fiber and carbohydrates. It is also low in fat! You can also add it to make bulgur or fried rice healthier! 


Get ready to make a difference in your recipe with tomatoes in the salad. Once you deseed them, you can easily add them to other ingredients without making everything soggy. 

Since the recipe has lots of earthy flavors, balance all of them with the sweet, tangy, and tarty taste of tomatoes. It also gives a tender and chewy texture to the dish. 

Like other ingredients in the salad, tomatoes are also low in calories. The Keck Medicine of USC revealed that an average tomato only has 22 calories! 

Sweet potato

Let sweet potatoes make a difference in your meal by oven-grilling your sweet potatoes. When you use them raw, the sweet potato will have a firm texture, so cook them before using them for the salad. 

After cooking the sweet potato, you will taste how sweet, starchy, and smoky they are. The sweet potatoes will also have the soft and tender texture that you’re looking for. 

How can sweet potatoes help you lose weight? According to Healthline, the high fiber content of sweet potatoes tends to make you feel full. You can still enjoy how sweet it is without worrying about weight gain! 


Instantly make the salad taste better with some avocados. You might be surprised at how delicious they taste in salads. Be sure to add it last so the rich green color will last. 

The avocados will give the salad a nutty, earthy, and almost creamy quality. Use ripe avocados so that they’re already soft and tender when you add them to the dish. 

A study in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that eating an avocado daily can help maintain a healthy weight. Learn how to store avocados and use them in salad recipes! 

Boiled eggs

Finish off the healthy salad recipe with some boiled eggs. Even if you don’t season the eggs, they will still add a tasty and rich flavor to the whole dish. 

For eggs in a salad, I suggest using hard-boiled eggs for healthy options. The yolk gives a soft texture while the egg white is actually chewy and soft. 

As WebMD suggested, eggs can supply you with lean protein. These will keep you full even without the extra calories. Do the Boiled Eggs Hack to cook your eggs perfectly! 

Put all of these together and you’ve got yourself a gourmet yet homemade Healthy Salad that will help you lose weight in no time! 


Here’s how simple it is to make your own version of the Healthy Salad at home:

  1. Rinse the ingredients. 
  2. Chop the lettuce, baby spinach, cucumber, avocado, and tomatoes with a knife
  3. Grate the carrots. 
  4. Oven grill the sweet potatoes until soft and slice.
  5. Boil, peel, and slice the eggs.
  6. Mix the lettuce, baby spinach, cucumber, avocado, and tomatoes in a bowl.
  7. Then, add the sweet potatoes and boiled eggs. 
  8. Mix the salad with tongs
  9. Your healthy salad is ready to serve! 

Every bite of the salad can give you a new flavor because of the diverse ingredients. You will surely love how the fruits and veggies taste together! 


Check out these tips to buy and store your Healthy Salad needs!

Romaine lettuce and baby spinach

Buying romaine lettuce and baby spinach
  • Look for lettuce and baby spinach with a healthy and vibrant green color. 
  • Avoid ones with wilted leaves. 
  • Also, check if the leaves are crisp to the touch.
Storing romaine lettuce and baby spinach
  • The secret to storing leafy greens is to keep them away from moisture. 
  • Wrap them in paper towels and resealable bags to store in the fridge. 


Buying carrots
  • Go for carrots with an intense orange color. 
  • According to The Produce Moms, larger carrots taste sweeter than smaller ones. 
  • The carrots should also feel firm to the touch. 
Storing carrots
  • Use room-temperature carrots within two weeks. 
  • Keep the carrots in paper towels and plastic bags in the fridge. 


Buying cucumber
  • Be sure that the cucumber feels firm. 
  • Buy cucumber with a deep green color and no blemishes. 
Storing cucumber
  • Replace your cucumber stock every week to keep it fresh. 
  • Store the cucumber in the fridge to make it last longer. 


Buying tomatoes
  • Don’t buy tomatoes with blemishes and soft spots. 
  • KQED suggests buying tomatoes that feel heavy for their size. 
  • You should also smell a sweet aroma near the stem.
Storing tomatoes
  • Use ripe tomatoes as soon as possible.
  • Just store the tomatoes in the fridge for several days. 

Sweet potato 

Buying sweet potato
  • Buy small to medium-sized sweet potatoes for great flavor. 
  • Check if the sweet potatoes feel firm. 
  • There should also be no cracks or cuts. 
Storing sweet potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes can last for weeks at room temperature. 
  • Keep them in the dark and cool areas. 
  • Avoid storing them in the fridge.
  • You can freeze the sweet potatoes once you cook them. 


Buying avocados
  • Buy green avocados if you want to ripen them at home. 
  • Use ripe purple avocados as soon as you can. 
  • Go for avocados with slightly bumpy textured skin. 
Storing avocados
  • Store the avocados in the fridge to make them last longer. 
  • Once you slice them, drizzle the avocados with lemon juice to retain their color. 

Making Sweetcorn

Every time you have Corn on the Cob, be sure to set some aside for some sweetcorn. All you have to do is boil the corn in a pot of water for ten minutes to soften it. 

Just let it cool and shuck the corn to get the sweetcorn. You can also season the corn with sugar or salt to give it a richer flavor. 

Oven-grilling sweet potatoes

One of the best ways to cook sweet potatoes for salads is to oven-grill them. Remember these steps when cooking the sweet potatoes:

  1. Preheat the oven to 220°C. 
  2. Peel and slice the sweet potatoes. 
  3. Arrange the slices on a tray. 
  4. Then, season them with your preferred spices. 
  5. Cook both sides of the sweet potatoes within 30 minutes or until soft. 

All Recipes suggests keeping cooked sweet potatoes in a container. Keep them in the fridge for about five days or freeze them to last longer. 

Boiling eggs

Cooking boiled eggs can be tricky because you won’t know the doneness of the eggs until you open them. Here’s a simple guide to help you get the best results:

  1. Add eggs in a pot with water. 
  2. Boil the eggs over high heat for about ten to twelve minutes. 
  3. Then, transfer the eggs to an ice bath. 
  4. Once cool, peel and slice the eggs for the salad. 

I suggest trying the Boiled Eggs Hack to get the right doneness every time! 

Healthy Salad Variations

Making your own healthy salad at home is the perfect way of getting creative with your meal! 

From the ingredients in this recipe, you choose which ones you like best to add to your salad. It’s okay to use about three ingredients first, especially if it’s your first time. 

Your healthy salad will become extra special with your favorite salad dressing. The dressing can also be as simple as using sesame oil, vinaigrette, lime, yogurt, and more! 

Here are other fruits and veggies you can use for your weight loss healthy salad:

  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Soybeans
  • Peas
  • Berries
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Stone fruits
  • Zucchini
  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Bell peppers

Taste of Home also suggests using herbs like chives, basil, cilantro, mint, parsley, and thyme for a better flavor and aroma. In fact, you can even toss in some seeds and nuts to make the dish tastier. 

No matter how you like your salad, always make sure to keep it as healthy as possible! 

  • Knife: Peel and slice the fruits and veggies with a knife.
  • Grater: Grate the carrots with a grater. 
  • Bowl: Make the healthy salad in a bowl.
  • Tongs: Mix everything using tongs. 

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How to Serve a Healthy Salad

When is the best time to eat a healthy salad? Well, it’s anytime you want! 

You can enjoy it as a meal on its own or serve it as an appetizer or side dish for everyone. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the healthy salad will certainly taste phenomenal. 

I also suggest eating the salad before or after a workout to restore energy and keep you full. In fact, you can pack it for work or school to maintain your diet outside your home. 

Complete your meal with these drinks you can make at home:

Now, you can enjoy your healthy salad as you lose weight! 

Storage Tips

  • At room temperature: Eat the healthy salad within two hours or while everything is fresh. 

Make Ahead

In the fridge: Store the salad in a container in the fridge for about three days. 

To freeze: The Kitchen Community does not suggest freezing salads because the temperature can cause changes in texture and flavor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the healthiest salad to eat?

The healthiest salad to eat is always one that’s homemade with fresh ingredients. Always use fruits and vegetables to get your daily nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. 

What are the 5 main types of salads?

There are different salads: green, bound, vegetable, fruit, and combination. Each of these certainly offers a good set of health benefits that can improve your health in many ways.

Why is salad healthy?

A salad recipe is healthy because it usually uses fruits and veggies that are absolutely good for your body and mind. You can also choose the ingredients that best suit your diet and needs. 

What salad dressing is healthy?

You can make healthy salad dressing using all-natural ingredients. For instance, olive oil, sesame oil, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, yogurt, lime or lemon juice, and so much more are great! 

easy healthy salad recipe

Healthy Salad Recipe for Weight Loss

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Make losing weight fun and interesting with a Healthy Salad recipe!
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 4
Course Salad
Cuisine Greek
Calories 197kcal


  • 1 cup romaine lettuce
  • 1 carrot
  • ½ cup baby spinach
  • 1 cucumber
  • ½ sweetcorn
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 sweet potato (oven grilled)
  • 1 avocado
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • Dressing of your choice


  • Rinse the ingredients.
  • Chop the lettuce, baby spinach, cucumber, avocado, and tomatoes with a knife.
  • Grate the carrots.
  • Oven grill the sweet potatoes and slice.
  • Boil, peel, and slice the eggs.
  • Mix the lettuce, baby spinach, cucumber, avocado, and tomatoes in a bowl.
  • Then, add the sweet potatoes and boiled eggs.
  • Mix the salad with tongs.
  • Your healthy salad is ready to serve!



  • Use fresh fruits and veggies to give the dish the best flavors. 
  • Drizzle the salad with your preferred dressing. 
  • Boil the eggs for ten to twelve minutes on high heat.


Calories: 197kcalCarbohydrates: 22gProtein: 6gFat: 10gSaturated Fat: 2gPolyunsaturated Fat: 1gMonounsaturated Fat: 6gCholesterol: 93mgSodium: 85mgPotassium: 812mgFiber: 7gSugar: 7gVitamin A: 12708IUVitamin C: 20mgCalcium: 65mgIron: 2mg
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