Corn on the Cob Recipe

Instantly transform ordinary corn into delicious, healthy, and satisfying Corn on the Cob!

Corn on the cob is one of the most popular yet simplest ways to enjoy corn. It’s known to be an ear of corn attached to the cob. After boiling or grilling, you can eat the kernels directly from the cob for a fun experience.

Every time I make this dish, I always love how sweet, buttery, and juicy it is. When cooked right, the corn kernels will have a soft and tender texture. Even with just a little bit of seasoning, you can already get a rich flavor from the corn.

sweet corn on the cob

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Whenever you need a snack, side dish, or an appetizer, the Corn on the Cob may be the one for you. It tastes incredible on its own and it goes well with so many other dishes for daily dining!

How to Make Corn on the Cob

There are different ways to cook Corn on the Cob. In this recipe, you will only need three ingredients and twenty minutes to make a filling dish from corn. It is so easy that it’s my go-to corn recipe whether it’s a busy or relaxing day.

Are you ready to taste the Corn on the Cob?


Here’s everything you need for this Corn on the Cob recipe:


You can always make your diet and dining exciting with some corn.

Corn, or maize, is a starchy vegetable with yellow kernels protected by its husk. It has a sweet buttery flavor that gets tastier after cooking it. When it comes to texture, raw and overcooked corn are tough. On the other hand, properly cooked corn is tender and juicy. 

In cooking, corn is usually used in food as toppings, garnish, and side dishes because it is delicious. You can also add it to pizza, soups, salsa, oatmeal, salads, fillings, relish, tacos, and more.

Health Benefits of Corn

  • Corn is good for digestion and weight loss because it has lots of fiber.
  • Add corn to your daily diet to improve and protect your eyes.
  • It also makes great snacks because it nourishes your brain to boost memory, brain function, and focus. 
  • According to Real Simple, corn has more protein than other vegetables!
  • Most importantly, corn contains many vitamins and minerals for better immunity, higher energy, and clearer skin.

Enjoy these life-changing benefits by preparing more dishes with corn like this Corn on the Cob. I certainly love using it for Breakfast Wraps, Chicken Fried Bulgur, and Tortillas


Intensify the flavor of the corn with a seasoning as simple as salt.

While corn taste good on its own, you can always improve it with some salt. It balances the milky, sweet, and buttery flavor of the corn for the best-tasting corn you will savor. You can also use other herbs and spices to give the corn a better flavor.


Give the corn an extra buttery and tender texture by cooking it in water.

Cook the corn in water to soften its kernels, making it tender and juicy. However, remember that boiling the corn in the water for too long can make the corn too soggy and watery inside. Just cook the corn until soft and you’ll love the results.

From the ingredients alone, you can already tell that the Corn on the Cob recipe is now incredibly easy to do. Make Corn on the Cob anytime you want!


Believe me; this is the easiest Corn on the Cob recipe you will ever try:

  1. Place a large pot of water on medium heat.
  2. Remove the corn husk. 
  3. Rinse the corn with cold water.
  4. Add salt to the boiling water.
  5. Then, put the corn in the pot.
  6. Cover and cook for ten to fifteen minutes or until soft.
  7. Turn off the heat. 
  8. Let it cool and serve or use it for recipes!

Look at how soft and heavenly the corn has become. It’s the perfect recipe for a quick meal, especially if you want to prepare a healthy dish. How do you plan on enjoying Corn on the Cob?


Buying corn

  • Go for organic corn from a farmer’s market. 
  • The silk tangle on the corn should also be thick. 
  • If the bottom of the corn is moist and green, then it means it is freshly harvested.
  • Martha Stewart suggests checking if the husk is green and snug on the corn. 
  • Ensure that the ear corn feels firm. 

Storing corn

  • My Recipes suggests using corn on the day that you buy them.
  • Do not wash or peel it before storing. 
  • Put the corn in a resealable bag and put it in the fridge for a week.

Corn on the Cob Recipe Variations

There’s always a Corn on the Cob recipe you can try at home.

It’s always good to start with the classic Corn on the Cob flavor. After you cook the corn, brush it with melted butter seasoned with salt and pepper. These will surely make the corn taste better.

Did you know that there’s also a Mexican Street Corn or “Elote” you can do? Grill or roast the corn until it has slightly charred parts. Then, brush it with a mix of mayonnaise, sour cream, chili powder, and cheese. Add some lime juice and it’s ready to eat.

I also suggest smearing the corn with a mix of butter and minced garlic for a sweet, pungent, and spicy mix. You can top off your corn with cheese, cajun seasoning, and other spices that you like.

For more seasoning, you can try the following:

If you want to use the boiling method, then you can season the water with salt, lemon sugar, sugar, milk, butter, and spices. Meanwhile, here are alternative ways to cook it:


  1. Preheat the oven to 190°C. 
  2. Loosely wrap the peeled corn in foil
  3. Then, season the corn as preferred.
  4. Bake the corn for 30 minutes or until cooked.


  1. Boil water in a pot
  2. Then, place a steaming basket inside. 
  3. Steam the corn until soft and tender. 


  1. Preheat the griller to 200°C. 
  2. Then, peel the corn. 
  3. Brush it with oil or melted butter. 
  4. Season it with preferred herbs and spices. 
  5. Grill for 12 minutes and turn it every three minutes. 

Instant Pot

  1. Pour water into the instant pot
  2. Put an iron rack in the middle. 
  3. Then, stack the corn. 
  4. Cook it on high pressure for a few minutes.

Quick Tip!

In case you don’t have an oven, pot, griller, or steamer, you can cook Corn on the Cob in the microwave

More Corn Recipes

corn on the cob recipe

You can make corn on the cob variations of your own. It all depends on how you want to cook and season the corn to get the quality you truly enjoy!

  • Pot: Cook the Corn on the Cob in a pot.
  • Fork: Check the corn for doneness by poking it with a fork.

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How to Serve Corn on the Cob

You’ll never run out ways to serve Corn on the Cob!

Once cooked, you can already enjoy the corn on its own. Its natural flavor is absolutely delicious and it will taste even better with your favorite herbs and spices as garnish. I love serving it for snacks, appetizers, and side dishes.

You may also chop the corn into pieces and pierce them into skewers for a fun treat. Alternatively, get the kernels by running your knife down the corn – this is best done if you plan on using the kernels for a recipe. 

Moreover, you can serve it with dips, sauces, and salsa for a distinct flavor. For dish pairings, here are some recipes that you might want to cook alongside corn on the cob:

Storage Tips

At room temperature: You can eat Corn on the Cob at room temperature for several hours. However, it is best eaten within two hours.

make ahead

In the fridge: Wrap the corn in foil. Then, place it in a container. Put it in the fridge for five days.

To freeze: Cover the corn in cling film. Put in a freezer bag and freeze for several months. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you boil corn on the cob?

A medium-sized corn can take about five to ten minutes to boil. It will also depend on the heat of the stove and size of the corn. Check if the corn is cooked by piercing it with a fork or knife.

Is 20 minutes too long to boil corn?

It depends on the size and quantity of the corn. The larger the corn, the longer it can take to boil it. If you’re cooking oly one ear of corn, then you can cook it for up to eight minutes or until soft.

What are the cooking methods for corn on the cob?

There are different ways to cook corn. One of the simplest ways is to boil it but you can also grill, roast, microwave, steam, or even pressure cook the corn. Choose the method that best suits your preferences and equipment.

Why is it called corn on the cob?

It is called “corn on the cob” because of the tough cob inside the corn. The cob is also known to be part of the corn where the kernels grow!

sweet corn on the cob recipe

Corn on the Cob (VIDEO)

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Enjoy healthy, organic, and delicious Corn on the Cob with this easy and quick recipe!
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 2 corn
Course Side Dish, Vegetables
Cuisine Mexican
Calories 1kcal



  • 2 corn (medium-sized)
  • water (enough to submerge)
  • 1 tsp sea salt


  • Place a large pot of water on medium heat.
  • Remove the husk.
  • Rinse the corn with cold water.
  • Add salt to the boiling water.
  • Put the corn in the pot.
  • Cover and cook for ten to fifteen minutes, depending on how soft you want them to be.
  • Turn off the heat.
  • Serve with butter all-over!



  • Buy fresh corn with a husk to keep it fresh for longer. 
  • You can also cook the corn in the microwave, instant pot, oven, or griller. 
  • Check the corn for doneness by poking it with a fork.


Serving: 1 (of 2)Calories: 1kcalCarbohydrates: 0.2gProtein: 0.04gFat: 0.01gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0.01gMonounsaturated Fat: 0.01gSodium: 1163mgPotassium: 2mgFiber: 0.03gSugar: 0.04gVitamin A: 3IUVitamin C: 0.1mgCalcium: 1mgIron: 0.01mg
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