10 Top Small Kitchen Appliances

10 Top Small Kitchen Appliances to Make Life Easy

There is definitely no excuse not to make a drink or dish, especially when you have ten of the best small kitchen appliances that can make your life easier!

Nowadays, there are so many appliances that can turn your kitchen into a functional one. Whether you’re busy or feeling lazy, these appliances are guaranteed to help you prepare a meal. 

You may think that being in the kitchen needs so much time and effort, but when you have these small appliances, making drinks and dishes becomes easier and quicker. 

10 kitchen appliances

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Let me help you optimize your kitchen with these top ten small kitchen appliances that you need for a more efficient diet and lifestyle!

Top 10 Small Kitchen Appliances

What are ten of the best small kitchen appliances that you need?


One of the basic appliances you should have in your kitchen is a blender. It is a mixing machine that can pulse, chop, puree, or liquify different kinds of foods like fruits and vegetables. 

Using a blender can be good for desserts, meat, baby food, dressings, batters, nut butter, sauces, smoothies, and more. It can help you prepare food or drinks within minutes. 

In fact, a blender can help you maintain a healthy diet because fruits and vegetables are easier to mix and puree. Even your baby will get excited about the purees you can make in a blender. 

Here are some of my favorite blender recipes of all time:

Rice Cooker

If you love Asian and African recipes that go well with rice, then you need a rice cooker in your kitchen. It’s a nifty appliance that can cook your rice for you and keep it warm after it’s cooked. 

According to Real Simple, a rice cooker can also make risotto, soups, stews, steamed vegetables, and hot breakfasts. It can cook rice in less than thirty minutes without stirring or monitoring.

Once you have cooked rice, you can enjoy a filling and hearty meal already. I also suggest frying your day-old rice for a more enjoyable meal on the following day.

What dishes can you make with the help of a rice cooker?

Food processor

Why should you get a food processor even if you already have a blender? The food processor serves lots of purposes when it comes to food preparation. 

For instance, it can grind, puree, slice, dice, shred, mince, and even knead. Chopping may take quite some time, but when you have a food processor, all it takes is minutes. 

With a versatile food processor, you can make nut butter, batters, ground meat, sauces, dips, pastes, dressings, flours, baby food, ice cream, and a whole lot more! 

Check out these recipes you can do with a food processor:

Electric kettle

Is an electric kettle only for boiling water? Of course not! You might be surprised to know that it isn’t just for hot water but also for meal prep. 

Instead of heating water on the stove in a kettle, you can use an electric kettle to save time and effort. Most electric kettles even have an auto-power feature, so you don’t have to worry about overheating.

The hot water you can get from an electric kettle can serve so many purposes. You can use it for coffee, tea, and even cleaning purposes. I’ve also tried cooking eggs in an electric kettle, and it worked! 

Power up your electric kettle to make these dishes and drinks:

Stand mixer

Save your elbow grease, and just let the stand mixer do the work! Baking involves a lot of mixing, whipping, and kneading, but you can count on a stand mixer to do it all for you. 

Modern stand mixers come with many hook attachments for preparing food. The four most common types of attachments are flat beaters, dough hooks, and balloon whisks. 

I suggest investing in a good quality stand mixer, especially if you bake a lot. Your baked goods will surely have a better flavor, texture, and quality with the capabilities of a stand mixer. 

At home, I usually use my stand mixer to make:

Slow juicer

Did you know that juicing can have many positive effects on your health? Healthier Steps shared that juicing fruits and vegetables are good for your immunity, heart, energy, hydration, and weight loss. 

Instead of eating your favorite fruits and vegetables individually, you can combine them into an all-in-one juice for tasty and healthy goodness. With the help of a slow juicer, you will never run out of juice recipes to try.

The slow juicer is great for making on-the-go drinks for breakfast, workout sessions, and busy days at work or school. Get your own slow juicer to get everyone into a healthy diet! 

I can’t even count how many times I’ve used my slow juicer for these recipes:

Air fryer

Can you fry food without oil? With an air fryer, you can! Over the years, the air fryer has been one of the top countertop appliances. It has a heating element that cooks food like an oven. 

The good thing about cooking in an air fryer is that you can get dishes that are crispy on the outside yet still moist and delicious on the inside. You can use it to air fry, roast, dehydrate, reheat, and even bake food.

I especially suggest getting an air fryer when you live in a small space because it’s compact and multi-purpose. From, vegetables, fruits, meat, bread, and cakes, you can use an air fryer to get incredible meals. 

Try these recipes in your air fryer:


You have probably used a microwave before, but it can actually do more than reheat your food. It’s time to make the most of your microwave and its many other purposes.

Now, you can use it to blanch, boil, bake, roast, cook, defrost, and steam your meals. A microwave is quick to use, energy-efficient, and simple to operate.

After a tiring day, you can relax with a hot meal that can keep you satisfied. As long as you keep your microwave clean, you can use it for a longer time to prepare your favorite dishes! 

My go-to microwave dishes include the following:


Do you need an all-in-one kitchen appliance that you can use for almost any recipe? Well, the multi-cooker is definitely worth considering. It has so many options that can help you cook a meal for your family without much effort.

With a multi-cooker, you can cook soup, meat, stew, beans, chili, rice, porridge, steamed vegetables, yogurt, grains, and more. It’s a great appliance for small and big families to cook food in less than an hour.

Instead of buying different appliances that serve specific purposes, why not go for a multi-cooker with all the features you need? It keeps food warm, bakes, boils, steams, fries, stews, roasts, and cooks for everyone.

In our home, I use the multi-cooker to cook these family favorites:

Toaster oven

Is a regular oven too big for your space? You might want to consider a toaster oven instead. It’s compact and small, and it functions like a mini-oven, making it great for countertop cooking. 

The toaster oven can be used to reheat food, cook frozen goods, toast bread, and even bake. Because of its size, I suggest using it for small tasks for fewer people.

Don’t worry; you can still do so many recipes in the toaster oven. Since it’s small, you also don’t need a lot of time to clean and maintain it. I love using it in the morning for a quick bread recipe for my husband and kids!

I really put my toaster oven to good use with these dishes:

Once you have these small kitchen appliances, you can cook your meals and prepare your drinks in no time while getting the best flavor and quality! 

What to Consider When  Buying Small Kitchen Appliances

Before you buy a small kitchen appliance, here are the top things you need to think about first:


How much space can you spare for appliances?

I suggest measuring the space you want to use for kitchen appliances to prevent overcrowding. Then, choose appliances with good sizes for your kitchen space. 


What appliance features do you need to cook food for your regular diet?

The food you usually heat should tell you which appliances to prioritize. If you love making smoothies, then go for a blender. Get an air fryer for oil-free food. Cross-check your diet with the features of the appliance you want to buy. 

Ease of use

How simple is it to use the kitchen appliance?

Research the functions, buttons, and precautions when buying appliances, especially if you want to share them with other members of your family. You should also be able to use it without much trouble for quick meals and drinks. 


Does it go with the aesthetic of your kitchen?

For some homeowners, it is important to match the appliances to the kitchen’s overall vibe. Many appliances can add character, color, and style for an upgraded kitchen look. 


Can you have the appliance repaired for free or minimum fee?

Buying appliances always has its risks, but when they come with a warranty, you can try to fix them. It’s also a good way to maintain your appliances for long-term use. 


How much is your budget for small kitchen appliances?

When you want to stick to your budget, go for appliances that can give you value and utility. There are lots of affordable appliances that can deliver good results in the kitchen. 

Now, you can have a guide to make the best decision when buying small kitchen appliances! 


What small kitchen appliances do you want to buy for your kitchen?

You can definitely have a better diet and lifestyle with small kitchen appliances that can make your life easier. Even if you’re busy, you can still prepare a hearty meal for you and the entire family! 

There is absolutely no reason not to enjoy good food with your loved ones. These small appliances may be small, but they surely make a big difference in how you live!

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