How to Store Beans – Storage Hack

Beans are versatile, delicious, and nutritious vegetables. This bean storage hack is the best way to store them. You can make plenty of dishes with them!

how to store beans for longer

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Check out this tried and tested tip for the best storage hack!

How to Store Beans

This easy bean storage hack is the key to great-tasting food. If you love beans, then you need to start using this tip!


About 400 types of edible dry beans are grown around the world. Due to the numerous varieties of beans, your experience may vary depending on your kind. For instance, honey, blackeyed, and brown beans are the sweetest of their kind. 

Other variants have earthy, nutty, buttery, and even meaty flavors. When cooked well, beans can be soft, juicy, and tender. The skin is edible, so you don’t always have to undergo tedious peeling. 

Beans may be sold in cans or packages. I recommend purchasing dried and packaged beans because they will last longer. They are abundant in protein, antioxidants, and folate, which are good for overall health. 

Top 10 Health Benefits of Beans

Here are ten reasons to start loving beans:

Good for your heart

According to The Healthy, eating beans can help prevent heart problems and lower the risk of premature death. The beans’ magnesium level aids in a healthy heartbeat!

Reduces your blood sugar levels

Beans like chickpeas can make you feel full for better blood sugar levels. Moreover, add it to your diet to have a stable supply of glucose in your body.

Prevents cancer

Pinto and kidney beans are highly suggested as cancer-fighting beans. They’re also rich in antioxidants and fiber to protect your body from cancer cells.

Lower your cholesterol levels

Beans have nutrients that help lower cholesterol levels. Maintain healthy cholesterol to work better each day. Furthermore, the soluble fiber in these beans can make it easier for your body to digest.

Great for weight loss

Eat meals with beans to feel energized and full. Beans can be added to chicken, beef, and other vegetables for a healthy meal. Indeed, you can stay fit and fab with beans!

Suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets

Beans are superfoods for vegan and gluten-free meals. They also add flavor and texture to suit food preferences. Additionally, they can be a good substitute for many dishes.

Effective against iron deficiency

Adding beans to your diet will increase your iron levels to the maximum level. It will also boost your iron intake to make you feel happier and healthier!

Immunity-boosting beans

Like other vegetables, beans have antibacterial effects that help with immunity. They help your body fight against diseases, making you healthier!

Release the stress

Beans contain folate, which helps relieve stress. They can also put you in a better mood, especially if consumed long-term. Feel happier each day with beans!

Soothe your muscles and joints

These protein-rich beans can help relieve muscle pain. They also make bones feel stronger for an active lifestyle, which is certainly beneficial for your workout meals.

Are you convinced that you should start eating beans?

how to store beans


  1. Use storage containers. 

Unopened beans can last up to several months in their original packaging. But once you open them, transfer the contents to airtight containers or resealable freezer bags

  1. Freeze the beans. 

Put the containers or bags in the freezer to last up to years. If properly stored, dried beans last up to 3 years before losing their nutritional content, with most of the nutrients completely gone within 5 years.

For fresh ones every time, you must keep them away from insects such as weevils. This is one of the simplest yet most effective storage tips you can do to protect them!

More Storage Options

Storing these depends on the materials available. So here are other ways to preserve them. 

Airtight containers

According to Primal Survivor, these are some of the best storage containers for beans. This option includes mason jars and vacuum-sealed storage units that last up to three years. 

Freezer bags

When using freezer bags, seal them to remove air and pressure. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, you can press the air with your hands. 

The great thing about this material is that it saves space in the freezer. In addition, you can easily take out the portion that you need.

Containers with oxygen absorbers

Finally, make it a point to recycle other containers like plastic bottles or canning jars using oxygen absorbers. 

how to store beans indefinitely

How to Peel Beans Before Storage

Peeling beans is not required, but here are some tips on how to do it if you want to. 

  1. In a bowl, combine the beans with warm water.
  2. Soak for up to an hour.
  3. Then, rub them between your hands to remove the skin.
  4. Add more water to allow the skin to float. 
  5. Drain the contents using a fine-mesh sieve.
  6. Repeat the rinsing process several times until you’re happy with the quality.
  7. Finally, put them in freezer bags to store indefinitely.
  8. Use these within three months. 

How to Use Beans

Check out these fun ways on how to use beans:

Add it to breakfast meals

Start your day with a burst of energy with these beans. They can be added to meals or drinks! Here are some of the dishes that taste great with beans:

Mix it with your drinks

Feel refreshed by using beans to improve your drinks. They add a mild sweetness to juices and smoothies. Try these drink recipes with beans:

Upgrade your pasta recipes

If you love noodles and pasta, you will also love adding beans. They add texture and rich flavors to these dishes:

My family and I love cooking beans in African recipes like the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nigerian moi moi healthy?

Dried beans can be stored in the freezer inside a freezer bag or plastic container with a lid to protect them from insects, light, and heat.

What is the best way to store beans long-term?

Whether you’re a seasoned bean eater or new to the legume scene, one question that may have crossed your mind is: What is the best way to store beans long-term? Beans are best stored in the fridge or freezer, where oxygen, light, and high temperature are lacking.

What is the best container to store dried beans in?

Airtight containers or plastic bags are best for long-term dry storage. The less the beans are exposed to oxygen, light, and heat, the longer it will last. Sealable plastic containers or resealable plastic bags work great. Ensure the lids or zip are closed or tightened properly.

Can I store raw beans in the fridge?

Raw dry beans can be stored in a plastic bag or container in the refrigerator crisper for several months.

hack for storing beans indefinitely

How to Store Beans (+VIDEO)

Storing your favorite ingredients doesn’t require fancy equipment or storage units, so check out this beans storage hack!
Prep Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes
Servings 1 bag
Course Legume


  • 1 kg beans
  • 1 piece plastic container


  • Unopened beans can last up to several months in their original packaging.
  • But once you open them, transfer the contents to airtight containers or resealable freezer bags.
  • But once you open them, transfer the contents to airtight containers or resealable freezer bags.
  • Put the containers or bags in the freezer for up to 3 years.



  • Pre-soaked and peeled beans can be stored for up to 3 months, while unpeeled and dry beans can be frozen indefinitely.
  • You may use the beans peeled or unpeeled.
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