Ghanaian Dry Bofrot Recipe

What is Ghanaian Dry Bofrot and why should you give it a try?

Ghana is home to different delicacies and the Ghanaian Dry Bofrot is definitely one of them. In other parts of Africa, the bofrot is also called toogbei, boflot, dry donut, or puff puffs! 

It is a deep-fried dish popular for breakfast, snacks, or desserts. As long as you know how to make the dough, you can easily fry it until it turns into a flaky, fluffy, and tender delight.

authentic Ghana dry bofrot

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There are so many African snacks you can try and the Ghanaian Dry Bofrot is certainly worth making for your family. The kids and adults will surely love it until the last bite!

How to Make Ghanaian Dry Bofrot

Like other deep-fried recipes, the Ghanaian Dry Bofrot is incredibly easy to make. You need to start with the dough to get the right texture and flavor. Deep-fry it in hot oil, and you’ve got yourself some world-class Bofrot!

Let me tell you what goes into Bofrot recipe and how you can cook it perfectly every time.


What do you need to make the Ghanaian Dry Bofrot?

Plain flour 

When making dough, you always need flour. It is necessary for the gluten network to allow the dough to expand. The flour forms the dough and also makes it possible to knead, mold, and shape it however you like.

Without the dough, it will be hard to turn the dough into balls like how they’re supposed to be. Just like when making bread, the flour plays an important part in its wonderful texture inside and out.

I also use plain flour for other puff pastries, such as Nigerian Buns, Puff Puff, and Flat Chin Chin!


There are different leavening agents to use and in this recipe, I suggest using yeast. It doubles the size of the dough so that you can make more bofrot that are also puffy, light, and soft inside.

When you add yeast, it will make the dough easier to knead. With the yeast, you can make more bofrot while giving them the best texture from the inside out. Use your leftover yeast for Chicken Pizza, Soft Bread, or Korean Donuts!


Remember to add an egg to the dough. The egg makes the dish fluffy and light inside, giving it the perfect texture. Like the yeast, the egg allows the dough to expand and form.

Moreover, the egg makes the bofrot’s crust crunchy and crisp. It also adds a golden brown color because of the caramelized effect. You can even try egg substitutes to make bofrot even without an egg!

Evaporated milk 

Whenever you make dough, you need to add a liquid base to mix everything together. In this recipe, I suggest using evaporated milk to activate the leavening agents and add flavor.

The milk will give the bofrot an even better texture because the crumbs inside will have a light quality. It also adds a creamy and pleasant flavor that you can savor at each bite.


Did you know that adding even a small amount of butter can make a big difference in the Ghanaian Dry Bofrot? Fats, like butter, make the dishes extra puffy inside yet absolutely crisp on the outside.

The butter also adds a richer flavor to the bofrot because it complements the milk well. In fact, you will see how much better the dough’s color and texture will be when you use butter!


The seasoning includes sugar, nutmeg, and sea salt. The sugar complements the mild sweetness of the milk. The nutmeg adds a slightly nutty taste, while the sea salt balances everything. 

Turmeric is an optional ingredient that you can add to make the inside of the bofrot colorful. You can also remove this from the recipe and achieve a light-colored crumb. 


Ghanaian Dry Bofrot is a deep-fried African delicacy, so use oil with a high smoke point, such as sunflower oil, avocado oil, and other oil variants. You can deep fry the bofrot without making it too soggy or oily.

bofrot recipe

Can you believe that these are all you need to make bofrot? You can find almost all of these in your pantry. If you’re looking for an easy African dish, then this is for you! 


Here’s a simple guide that’s great for beginners and experts:

Prepare the dough

  1. In a bowl, mix the plain flour, sugar, yeast, nutmeg, sea salt, and turmeric.
  2. Add the butter, egg, evaporated milk, and water.
  3. Continue mixing with a stand mixer until it forms a dough.
  4. Then, cover it with a cling film.
  5. Cover it with a kitchen towel.
  6. Place it in an enclosed area with a cup of hot water.
  7. Let it rise for one to two hours. 

Knead the dough

  1. Deflate the dough and lightly knead it with your hands.
  2. Lightly flour a clean and flat surface.
  3. Place the dough on top and knead until smooth.
  4. Then, cut it into your preferred amount and shape it into balls. You can also use a scooper. 
  5. Place the dough balls on a lightly floured tray.
  6. Cover it with a cling film.
  7. Place it in a warm area and let it rise for at least 30 minutes. 

Deep fry the bofrot

  1. Pour oil into a pot and heat over a low fire.
  2. Gently lower the dough balls into the oil using a skimmer spoon.
  3. The oil should sizzle, and the balls should float to the top.
  4. Then, deep fry them in batches.
  5. Keep turning the bofrot for even cooking. 
  6. Each bofrot can take between three to five minutes to cook.
  7. Once done, take them out of the heat with a strainer skimmer and serve! 
homemade Ghana dry bofrot recipe

Dining with your loved ones becomes more exciting, memorable, and delightful with these light, fluffy, and crispy Ghanaian Dry Bofrot!  


Ghanaian Dry Bofrot Dough

  • To prepare the Ghanaian Dry Bofrot dough, mix the dry ingredients first before gradually incorporating the wet ingredients.
  • You can mix and knead with a mixer or with your hands.
  • If you don’t have a mixer, then knead it by continuously folding the dough inward. 
  • Test if the dough is ready by poking it with your finger. The dough should bounce back immediately. In case there is a dent, continue kneading for a few more minutes.
  • You can also stretch a piece of dough without fingers, and if they break apart, continue kneading. 
  • Remember to let the dough rise. It is one of the simplest ways to make the food flavorful. If it lacks time to rise, it can be dense in texture. 

How to Store Dough

  • Place the Ghanaian Dry Bofrot dough in a container and refrigerate it for a day.
  • Make sure to use a slightly large container to allow the dough to double in size.
  • Remember to let it rise first before storage.
  • Once ready to use, let it cool and rise to room temperature. 
  • According to Food to Impress, dough without dairy products can be frozen for up to three weeks.
  • Since this recipe uses evaporated milk and eggs, use the dough within a month. 
dry bofrot

Ghanaian Dry Bofrot Variations

How can you make a Ghanaian Dry Bofrot version of your own?

There are vegan and gluten-free versions of the bofrot that you can make. For instance, for a vegan option, use flour, water, yeast, sugar, salt, and nutmeg. You can make it gluten-free with gluten-free flour, such as oat or almond flour.

To make bofrot more exciting, you can add flavor to it! For instance, add chocolatey goodness by mixing in cocoa powder or milo. Alternatively, use coconut milk and desiccated coconut in the dough for a coconut taste. 

For the seasoning, you may use cinnamon, cayenne pepper, vanilla extract, and other flavoring agents you want to incorporate. You can make plenty of flavors and variations of bofrot, so make each batch amazingly delicious! 

  • Pot: Deep fry the Ghanaian Dry Bofrot in a pot to cook evenly.
  • Stand mixer: Make the dough using a mixer or your hands.
  • Bowls: Prepare the dough and ingredients in bowls.
  • Skimmer spoon: Toss them in the oil using a slotted turner.
  • Tray: Allow the dough balls to rise on a tray. 
  • Cling film: Cover the dough with cling film.
  • Kitchen towel: Place this on top of the cling film.
  • Strainer skimmer: Remove the bofrot from the heat with a strainer skimmer.

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Ghana bofrot

How to Serve Ghanaian Dry Bofrot

Give everyone a good time by serving freshly deep-fried Ghanaian Dry Bofrot!

You can best serve bofrot as a snack, breakfast, or dessert. It is a satisfying snack because of how good it tastes. It can also be a filling breakfast option.

If you prefer it as a snack, then you can enjoy it with a cold treat such as Frozen Yogurt, Vanilla Ice Cream, Zobo, or Banana Strawberry Milkshake Popsicles. It will surely be a hearty meal for you and your family.

For breakfast pairings, you can opt for Plantain Porridge, Iced Coffee, or Oats Smoothie. Drink it with the healthiest and tastiest beverages, such as Beetroot Apple Juice, Watermelon Juice, or Fruit Smoothie

To make Ghanaian Dry Bofrot with a surprise inside, you can also pipe in or spread condiments like Strawberry Jam or Peanut Butter. What’s your favorite way of serving Ghanaian Dry Bofrot?

Storage Tips

  • At room temperature: Place the Ghanaian Dry Bofrot in a container. Store them at room temperature for less than a day. 

Quick Tip!

  • In the fridge: Wrap them in cling film. Place them in a container to keep in the fridge for three days. 
  • To freeze:  Use foil to wrap the bofrot and put them in a container. Make sure to eat them within a week or two. Then, you can reheat it in the microwave. However, I suggest storing the dough instead of the cooked bofrot.
Ghana bofrot recipe

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bofrot an English word?

Bofrot is the Ghanaian word for this dish. In English, it is usually called deep-fried bun loaf. It is pastry dough cooked in oil that’s made crispy yet light on the inside.

How many calories are in a bofrot?

According to Fooducate, each Ghanaian Dry Bofrot has about 180 calories. Limit your intake if you are on a calorie-deficit diet. Balance it out with healthy dishes to remain healthy and fit.

What is togbei?

Togbei is another name for the Ghanaian Dry Bofrot. It is made of the same ingredients and cooked the same way too.

Can you use other kinds of flour for the dough? 

Yes, you can! Alternatives to plain flour include almond flour, bread flour, oat flour, and more! Remember to check if the flour can still be used for cooking. 

homemade Ghana dry bofrot

Ghana Dry Bofrot

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Serve bofrot for your next family gathering; everyone will love every piece!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 16 bofrot
Course Snack
Cuisine Ghanian
Calories 89kcal


  • 2 cups plain flour
  • 5 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tsp yeast
  • 1 tsp nutmeg
  • A pinch sea salt
  • 1 tsp turmeric (optional) for color.
  • tbsp butter (melted)
  • 1 egg (medium-sized)
  • ½ cup evaporated milk (or fresh milk)
  • ¼ cup water
  • Sunflower oil (enough to deep fry)


Make the dough.

  • In a bowl, combine the plain flour, sugar, yeast, nutmeg, sea salt, and turmeric. Add the butter, egg, evaporated milk, and water.
  • Continue mixing until it forms a dough.
  • Place the dough in a bowl and cover with a cling film.
  • Cover it with a napkin.
  • Place it in an enclosed area with a cup of hot water. Let it rise for 1 to 2 hours.

Knead the dough.

  • Deflate the dough and lightly knead it with your hands.
  • Lightly flour a clean and flat surface. Place the dough on top and knead until smooth.
  • Cut it into your preferred amount and shape it into balls. You can also use a scooper.
  • Place the dough balls on a lightly floured baking tray.
  • Cover it with a cling film.
  • Place it in a warm area and let it rise for at least 30 minutes.

Deep fry the bofrot.

  • Pour oil into a pot and allow to heat over a low heat.
  • Gently lower the dough balls into the oil.
  • The oil should sizzle, and the balls should float to the top.
  • Deep-fry them in batches, keeping the bofrot turned for even cooking.
  • Each bofrot takes 3 to 5 minutes to cook.
  • Once done, remove them from the heat and serve!



  • Use substitute ingredients to make vegan or gluten-free bofrot.
  • You can refrigerate or freeze the dough in airtight containers.
  • Mix in different flavoring and seasoning agents to make the puff puffs tastier. 
  • You can also use water (2/3 cup) and powdered milk (2 tbsp) instead of evaporated milk


Serving: 1 (of 16)Calories: 89kcalCarbohydrates: 17gProtein: 3gFat: 1gSaturated Fat: 1gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0.1gMonounsaturated Fat: 0.3gTrans Fat: 0.001gCholesterol: 13mgSodium: 15mgPotassium: 54mgFiber: 1gSugar: 5gVitamin A: 36IUVitamin C: 0.2mgCalcium: 27mgIron: 1mg
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