All-Purpose Seasoning Recipe

Unlock the best flavors of any dish with a versatile, mouthwatering, and homemade All-Purpose Seasoning!

There are so many herbs and spices but all-purpose seasoning will surely be one of your new favorites. It’s an awesome blend of dried herbs and spices that bring out the best quality in any recipe.

The best part is this all-purpose seasoning is 100% MSG-free. You can use it to cook almost anything – from pizza to burgers to stir-fries, soups, and stews. It’s simple to make and use – mix the spices, and it’s ready to go!

all purpose seasoning recipe

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Here, you will learn all about the health benefits, ingredients, and tips for all-purpose seasoning. So, if you’re looking for a new way to spice up your meals and add flavor to your recipes, then this is your go-to guide!

How to Make All-Purpose Seasoning

What’s the secret to making All-Purpose Seasoning at home? It all lies in the mix of herbs and spices that you use to make the perfect combination. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with this spice blend.

No matter what you cook, it will surely turn out amazing!

all-purpose seasoning ingredients


Here are the secret spices to the best all-purpose seasoning:

Onion powder

I love using onion powder to season recipes because it gives an incredible fragrance along with a pungent, savory, and slightly sweet flavor. You will surely enjoy how mellow and mildly spicy it can taste.

Onion powder has a pale golden color that comes from drying and grinding the fresh onions. While it is less flavorful than fresh onions, you can still count on onion powder to give your recipes a burst of flavor.

Try using it for Roast Chicken, and you’ll taste the results!

Sea salt

You can never go wrong with a classic spice like sea salt. Unlike other kinds of salt, sea salt gets its flavor from sea or ocean water. According to the Mayo Clinic, sea salt is less processed than table salt, so it can also be healthy for you.

Sea salt can be flaky or fine. I suggest using fine sea salt for seasoning and flaky sea salt to garnish. You might be surprised at how well the sea salt can balance out the flavors of the all-purpose seasoning.

I love using sea salt for fish seasoning to go with the seafood flavor!

Garlic powder

If you enjoy cooking with garlic, then you will appreciate garlic powder in the all-purpose seasoning mix. It may be milder than fresh garlic but it is still going to give the best flavor.

Even after you dry and grind the garlic, you will still taste how sweet and buttery it is. Garlic powder is one of my go-to spices because it eliminates the need to peel and chop garlic for cooking. It’s also such a versatile spice for daily recipes.

Use your garlic powder for a Breakfast Sandwich for full flavors!


While fenugreek is not one of the most commonly used herbs, you will be surprised at how rich it tastes. The Spruce Eats mentioned that it tastes like maple syrup with a bitter and nutty flavor.

It is also a popular spice in Middle Eastern and Indian food. There is no doubt about the flavor it can give to dishes. I tried using this in Jollof Rice before, and every family member enjoyed it!

Try to season Chicken Fried Bulgur with fenugreek to know just how good it tastes.

Bay leaves powder

Instead of tossing in whole bay leaves in your dishes, you can use bay leaves powder to season your food better. It has a powerful pungent, spicy, and bitter taste that balances other flavors.

Bay leaves powder tastes great in soups, stews, and curries. You can just grind bay leaves into a fine powder to make it easier to use. It will still retain its concentrated aroma and flavor.

It especially tastes fantastic with your favorite fish recipes!

Yellow mustard seed powder

Have you tried using yellow mustard seed powder before? It is not made of mustard, instead, it is produced from Brassica alba seeds. Yellow mustard seed powder has a pungent, woody, and slightly spicy flavor with a hint of nutty flavor.

It will taste well with other spices like cumin and pepper. You might have tasted it in Indian dishes with a distinct mustard-like flavor. Use it for marinades, rubs, and sauces to upgrade your recipes.

Yellow mustard seed powder will surely work like magic in the all-purpose seasoning!

Milk powder

With all of the pungent, spicy, and earthy flavors of the spices, you need milk powder to balance all of them together. The sweet flavor of milk powder can tone down the other herbs and spices.

Its milky and mild flavor will surely give a better quality to your recipes. You can easily make your own milk powder from scratch at home. Baking and cooking will truly be better when you have milk powder.

I always use it to cook Chin Chin for the perfect flavor!

Ground cloves

For a pleasant feeling, you can trust that cloves not only add flavor to dishes but also have a soothing effect. The warm, pungent, and sweet taste of cloves certainly improves the quality of the spice blend.

These also add an aroma to more dishes. In an article by Medical News Today, you can use cloves like cinnamon. Because of its oils, cloves can also act as preservatives to prevent food spoilage.

You can even mix it with garam masala and curry powder for a good spice blend!


Aside from the health benefits of turmeric, you can expect that it will also have a great flavor. As a spice, it has an earthy, musky, and pepper flavor that adds a warm and great flavor.

You will certainly enjoy how pleasant your recipes will taste with it. Once you taste it, you’ll realize why it’s such a popular spice in Southeast Asia and Middle Eastern delicacies. Its complex flavor truly makes it an excellent spice.

Make Turmeric Tea at home to experience how good it is!


Why do you need cornstarch in the all-purpose seasoning? Fun fact, it can prevent the spices from forming lumps for a smooth and fine spice. It also makes the spice blend infuse itself in the food.

Now you know that it is not just for baking, but for seasoning and cooking, too. It also does an effective job of binding all of the spices together. The cornstarch makes the distribution of flavors from the spices so much better.

It will also be useful when cooking crispy and flaky food, like Crispy Pan Fried Fish Fillets or Air Fryer Chicken Wings.

Sunflower oil

Why do you need sunflower oil in all-purpose seasoning? Aside from the mild flavor it adds, the oil can also give it a better texture. It will also keep the spices from sticking together.

Don’t worry about adding oil to the spice blend. Once mixed into the seasoning, it will make the texture so much better!

all-purpose seasoning prep

With these spices, every dish you cook will taste and smell incredible. Maybe all you need is this natural, MSG-free, and flavorful all-purpose seasoning mix!


Let’s make the seasoning blend to start cooking the best meals!

  1. In a glass bowl, mix the onion powder, sea salt, garlic powder, fenugreek, cornstarch, bay leaves powder, yellow mustard seed powder, milk powder, and cloves with a whisk
spices for all purpose seasoning
  1. Then, mix the sunflower oil and turmeric in a separate bowl using a whisk
turmeric and oil for all purpose seasoning
  1. Incorporate the dry spices and stir until well mixed. 
all purpose bouillon
  1. Transfer into clean glass jars to store.
bouillon powder recipe
easy bouillon powder

Try this all-purpose seasoning blend, and let me know how the dish turns out. Breakfast, snacks, soups, stews, main dishes, name it, and you can cook it with this miracle spice blend! 


Storing herbs and spices

Generally, herbs and spices have long shelf lives. You must store them properly to retain their flavor, aroma, and quality. According to Frontier Co-Op, spices are best stored in jars away from heat. I also suggest adding labels for proper use! 

Making powdered seasoning

Most powders in this recipe can be found in the market. You can also make them from scratch, especially from fresh ingredients. 

  1. Peel the ingredients. 
  2. Dehydrate them in a dehydrator or oven for several hours at a low temperature.
  3. Then, grind the dried contents with a blender, food processor, spice grinder, miller, mortar, and pestle
  4. Store the powder in a jar

Quick Tip!

The temperature and dehydrating time vary depending on the ingredients used.

All-Purpose Seasoning Variations

I always make all-purpose seasoning at home because it can be a blend of different spices and herbs.

The best thing about making your spices is that you control what spices to use. For instance, you can remove ingredients you don’t have in your pantry. For a spicy flavor, you can always add chili flakes, too.

Moreover, you can modify it to the dishes you usually cook. For example, you can make Fish Seasoning Blend and Roast Chicken Seasoning Blend! Additionally, you can add other homemade spices, such as mixed herbs, paprika, and chili flakes

easy homemade bouillon powder recipe

More Seasoning Recipes

  • Garlic Paste – here’s an on-the-go garlic paste for all of your dishes.
  • Mixed Herbs – it’s an incredible mix of herbs and spices for the best flavors.
  • Paprika – turn your bell peppers into a sweet paprika spice.
  • Whisk: Mix the spices with a whisk. 
  • Glass bowl: Prepare the herbs and spices in a glass bowl.
  • Container: Store the all-purpose seasoning in a container.

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How to Use All-Purpose Seasoning

What are the different ways to make the most out of all-purpose seasoning?

One of the best ways to use all-purpose seasoning is to spice up your meats with it. Chicken, pork, beef, and even fish will surely taste so much better with this spice. It also goes well with vegetables like potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, and more.

Any soup and stew recipe will also have a richer flavor and quality when it has all-purpose seasoning. Even grains like rice, quinoa, and couscous taste fantastic with this all-in-one spice.

You can easily improve your sauces and marinades when you add in the all-purpose seasoning. It even works well with yogurt, cream cheese, and sour cream for a savory flavor. For dips and sauces, I love it with crackers and chips for snacks.

dishes enhanced with all-purpose seasoning

The flavors are released, and the aroma is pleasant! Here are some of the dishes that would taste well with all-purpose seasoning:

  • Egusi Soup – give the famous Egusi Soup a smoky flavor with this spice.
  • Grilled Salmon – salmon will always taste better when you season it.
  • Crispy Chicken Wings – give chicken an extra rich flavor with all-purpose seasoning.
  • Pizza Sauce – every slice will have the best flavors.
  • Roast Chicken – the chicken will taste delicious from the inside out.

Storage Tips

At room temperature: Store all-purpose seasoning in containers away from sunlight and heat. 

make ahead

In the fridge: Do not store it in the fridge because the temperature can cause lumps.

To freeze: Tightly seal the spice blend in freezer bags to prevent moisture. Only freeze it in large amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the all-purpose seasoning?

There are different varieties of all-purpose seasoning. In this recipe, I use onion powder, sea salt, garlic powder, fenugreek, cornstarch, bay leaves powder, yellow mustard seed powder, milk powder, ground cloves, sunflower oil, and turmeric powder.

What can I substitute for all-purpose seasoning?

Aside from the spices in this recipe, there are also all-purpose seasoning alternatives, and it can simply be a combination of herbs and spices in your kitchen. 

Where can I use all-purpose seasoning?

You can use all-purpose seasoning for meat, fish, vegetables, sauces, marinades, dips, soups, and stews. When you want to taste something smoky and savory, just season your dishes with this spice.

What is the best all-purpose seasoning?

The best all-purpose seasoning is the one you make at home because you get to decide what herbs and spices to include. I suggest discovering the spice blend that works best for your taste.

easy homemade bouillon powder

All-Purpose Seasoning

4.50 from 2 votes
Do you love the savory, umami flavor of MSG-free all-purpose seasoning but need help knowing where to begin? If you're looking for the perfect way to add flavor to all dishes without compromising taste, this blog covers you.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 30 tbsps
Course Condiment/spice
Cuisine Caribbean, European, French, Middle Eastern
Calories 26kcal


  • 18 tbsp onion powder (7oz)
  • 8 tbsp sea salt (5oz)
  • 6 tbsp garlic powder (3oz)
  • 1 tbsp fenugreek (0.3oz)
  • 2 tsp tsp cornstarch
  • 2 pinches bay leaves powder or 4 bay leaves (milled)
  • 1 tsp yellow mustard seed powder
  • 2 tsp milk powder (optional)
  • 2 pinches ground cloves
  • 2 tsp sunflower oil
  • 2 pinches turmeric powder


  • In a glass bowl, combine the onion powder, sea salt, garlic powder, ground fenugreek, cornstarch, bay leaves powder, yellow mustard seed powder, milk powder, and ground cloves with a whisk.
  • Mix the sunflower oil and turmeric in a separate bowl using a whisk.
  • Incorporate the dry ingredients and stir until well incorporated.
  • Transfer into sterilized glass jars to store.



  • You can make powdered flavoring agents by dehydrating and grinding them. 
  • Keep the seasoning away from sunlight and heat to preserve quality.


Serving: 1 (of 30)Calories: 26kcalCarbohydrates: 5gProtein: 1gFat: 0.4gSaturated Fat: 0.1gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0.03gMonounsaturated Fat: 0.3gCholesterol: 0.3mgSodium: 1868mgPotassium: 70mgFiber: 1gSugar: 0.4gVitamin A: 4IUVitamin C: 1mgCalcium: 23mgIron: 0.4mg
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