Apple Carrot Beetroot Baby Food Puree

Baby food puree is the best when made with the healthiest fruits and vegetables like this Apple, Carrot, and Beetroot Baby Food Puree! It’s lively, delicious, and, most importantly, healthy for your baby.

apple beetroot carrot baby food

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I suggest steaming and blending baby food purees for your child’s improved overall health and development!

How to Make Apple, Carrot, and Beetroot Puree Baby Food Puree

Add this tasty baby food puree recipe to your child’s diet to put a smile on his or her face!

Apple Carrot Beetroot Puree VIDEO

Make your own baby food puree with apples, carrots, and beetroot. Watch the video tutorial and learn how to provide your baby with a healthy and delicious meal. You will be surprised at how quick and easy it is!


You’ll make one of the best baby food purees with these three power fruits!


Apples are juicy, sweet, and tarty fruits used for juices and sauces. There are McIntosh and Granny Smith apples, but this recipe uses the saccharine flavor of Sweet Gala Apples. 

Apples are also popular ingredients for salads and baked goods for their caramelized quality. These promote your baby’s skin, immunity, and digestion. 

Use your apples to make Dried Apple Slices for kids and parents!


Carrots are vividly orange and sweet with a crunchy texture. They also have a minty and earthy taste that makes them perfect for Fried Rice, Coleslaw, and more. These can be steamed, boiled, fried, baked, or grilled. 

There are also purple or white carrots that you can use for baby food puree. Using carrots for baby puree is helpful for the baby’s vision and heart. 

Quick Tip!

Did you know you can also turn fresh carrots into homemade carrot oil, baby puree, and powder?


Beetroots are earthy, mildly bitter, and sweet food. They are usually steamed or boiled for salads and drinks. Most beetroots are purple to deep red for an appetizing appearance. 

You can improve the quality of beetroots by preparing them with the right spices. Beetroots are great for your baby’s liver, growth, and brain!

Aside from rich flavors, these ingredients are surely loaded with the best nutrients for your baby’s overall health and wellness. Moreover, you can ensure that you’re feeding your child with organic baby food puree!


A recipe as easy as this will certainly inspire you to prepare more baby food purees at home!

  1. Peel the rinsed apple, carrot, and beetroot with a knife.
  2. Chop them into small pieces. 
  3. Boil water in a pot and put the steaming basket inside.
  4. Arrange the fruits in the basket and steam for 10 to 15 minutes or until tender. 
  5. Transfer the fruits to a blender or food processor.
  6. Add breast milk or formula milk for a creamy texture.
  7. Blend until smooth.
  8. Once content with the texture, pour the contents into your baby’s bowl to serve!

This is how simple it is to make one of the best baby food purees. Mix the yummy and healthy qualities of the apple, beetroot, and carrot for the best meal for your baby!


Buying and storing baby food puree ingredients


Selection. Go for apples with smooth and glossy skin without rotten or soft spots. They should feel firm and smell sweet and floral. Gala apples have red to orange skin. 

Storage. Apples can be stored at room temperature for a week. However, they are best kept in the fridge for longer shelf life. Meanwhile, chopped apples can be tossed in vinegar or lemon juice for three days to refrigerate in resealable bags


Selection. Carrots should have vibrant and smooth orange skin. They should feel slightly firm for freshness. 

Storage. Unwashed carrots can be stored at room temperature for weeks. But you can also put them in the freezer or fridge for a longer shelf life.


Selection. In an article by The Spruce Eats, it is best to buy small and red beetroots without signs of wilting or rotten areas. The taproot should also be intact to store.

Storage. Wrap the unwashed beetroots in paper towels. Then, refrigerate for three weeks. 


  • If you don’t have a steaming basket, then there are other ways to soften the baby food puree ingredients.
  • For instance, you can use an iron stand or rack and a plate to steam.
  • The Food Network also suggests using a slotted aluminum pie pan. Then, place it upside down on the pot of water as an alternative.
  • You can also steam them in the microwave. Place them in a bowl with a bit of water for six minutes or until soft. 

No-Blender Baby Food Puree

Baby Food Puree Variations

Instead of mixing the three ingredients, prepare a one-ingredient puree or a mixture of two fruits. For instance, you can make Apple Puree using the same method in this recipe.

Moreover, you can mix apples with pears, mangoes, parsnips, and more! Meanwhile, carrots pair well with bananas, and beetroot can be paired with berries.

You can make lots of combinations of baby food purees. I also suggest using spices for better flavor!

  • Blender or food processor: Puree the steamed ingredients in a blender
  • Steaming basket: Soften the fruit and vegetables by steaming. 
  • Pot: Steam the fruits in a pot. 
  • Knife: Peel and slice the ingredients using a knife. 

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How to Serve Apple, Carrot, and Beetroot Baby Food Puree

For babies trying fruit purees for the first time, it is best to make one-ingredient baby food to prepare your child’s digestive system. Babies aged six months can already try fruity baby food for baby weaning. 

Start with a few spoons daily and introduce new baby food only after three to five days to ensure the child is not allergic or intolerant. To make it better for the baby, add water, breast milk, or formula milk for a smooth texture. 

Once your baby has adjusted to the flavors, you can use spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cumin, and more. You can also use herbs like oregano, thyme, and rosemary for a great aroma.

Storage Tips

  • At room temperature: Baby food at room temperature must be consumed within two hours.

make ahead

Frequently Asked Questions

What foods can I puree for my baby?

I highly suggest preparing fruit and vegetable purees for babies. They’re homemade, all-natural, and organic – perfect for every infant.

Start with baby-weaning ingredients that you can easily soften and puree, like sweet potatoes, pears, and plantains!

What are Stage 1 baby foods?

Stage 1 baby goods are one-ingredient baby food purees with thin textures. Because there are no chunks, they can easily be eaten and digested by babies and prevent them from choking.

Is pureed food good for babies?

Yes, pureed food is good for babies. These recipes are 100% healthy, homemade, and safe for babies because they’re usually made from fresh ingredients.

Can you mix apple, carrot, and beetroot?

Yes, you can. Combining them in one puree can give the baby food numerous health benefits to help with energy, immunity, vision, brain function, and growth. Furthermore, using them together can make the baby food tastier and thinner in texture. 

apple beetroot carrot baby food recipe

Apple Beetroot Carrot Baby Food Puree (VIDEO)

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Create a delicious and healthy baby food puree using apples, carrots, and beetroot. Watch the step-by-step tutorial and make a nutritious meal for your little one. Easy baby food ready in minutes.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 3 servings
Course Baby Food, Baby Puree
Calories 22kcal


  • 1 sweet gala apple (peeled, and diced)
  • 1 cup carrot (peeled, and diced)
  • ¼ cup beetroot (peeled, and diced)
  • ½ cup breast milk or baby formula


Prepare the ingredients.

  • Rinse and peel the apple, carrot, and beetroot.
  • Chop them into small pieces to cook and blend faster.


  • Boil water in a pot and put the steaming basket inside.
  • Distribute the fruits in the basket and steam for 10 to 15 minutes or until tender.


  • Transfer the fruits to a blender or food processor.
  • Add breast milk or formula milk for a creamy texture.
  • Blend until smooth and once contented with the consistency, pour contents into your baby’s bowl to serve!


  • Purchase and store the apples, carrots, and beetroots for fresh-tasting and safe baby food puree.
  • Use alternative kitchen utensils to steam and puree the ingredients to replace the food processor, blender, and steaming basket.
  • Start with single-ingredients baby puree.


Serving: 1 (of 3)Calories: 22kcalCarbohydrates: 5gProtein: 1gFat: 0.1gSaturated Fat: 0.02gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0.05gMonounsaturated Fat: 0.01gSodium: 38mgPotassium: 173mgFiber: 2gSugar: 3gVitamin A: 7132IUVitamin C: 3mgCalcium: 16mgIron: 0.2mg
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