Sun-Dried Apple Slices Recipe

Let Sun-Dried Apple Slices make you realize how sweet, crunchy, healthy, and addictive apples can be!

Your snacking habits play an important role in a balanced diet and active lifestyle. By turning fruits into fun and satisfying snacks, you can improve your diet with crispy, satisfying, and tasty apples.

You don’t need a dehydrator or oven to dry your apples to perfection. With fresh apples, you can easily make a dish that brings so much quality and value to your meals. Every bite will surely make you love apples more.

sun-dried apple slices

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You will certainly be getting your money’s worth when you make the most out of your apples. Maybe all you need are Sun-Dried Apple Slices to turn your life around and take your diet to a new level!

How to Make Sun-Dried Apple Slices

If you’re looking for easy healthy recipes, then these Sun-Dried Apple Slices are good for you. It may take up to two days to make but every hour is truly worth it. No need for oil or other ingredients at all.

You can trust that they will taste so much better when dried and crunchy!


What makes Sun-Dried Apple Slices one of the healthiest snacks ever?


Make snacking ten times better with apples!

Apples are fresh, crisp, juicy, and sweet fruits that you can use for many recipes. Even when raw, they taste incredibly amazing with how sweet, juicy, and tarty they are. Imagine how much better they will feel when you dry them until crunchy.

I love using gala apples because of how rich they taste and how good they smell. After drying them, they can retain their flavor while giving you a fun texture at every bite.

Stemilt suggests using gala apples, golden delicious, fuji, and pink lady apples to make chips. Moreover, buy the freshest ones for the best flavor, even after dehydrating them! 

If you’re looking for more reasons to try these sun-dried apple slices, then check out these top health benefits of apples.

Health Benefits of Apples

  • They are also fiber-rich to aid digestion, metabolism, and even weight loss.
  • According to Everyday Health, apples have fiber that can help with better cholesterol and blood pressure levels. 
  • Apples are good for your brain – improving memory, focus, and overall brain function. 
  • Healthline shared that pectin from apples can also keep your gut clean and healthy.
  • Boost your immunity by regularly eating apples.

You can never go wrong with apples in your diet. What are you waiting for? The sooner you dry the apples, the sooner you can experience sweet and crispy Sun-Dried Apple Slices!


Here’s how I usually dry my apples under the sun:

  1. Rinse the apples
  2. Then, cut them into thin slices using a knife or V-Blade Slicer.
  3. Remove the seeds. 
  4. Spread a single layer of apple slices on a tray
  5. Cover it with a food net cover or mesh to avoid particles, flies, or insects.
  6. Then, place it under the sun and allow it to dry. 
  7. Turn the apple slices to the other side when you bring them in at night to ensure they dry evenly.
  8. Take them out the following day and continue drying.
  9. It takes about one to two days to dry completely. 
  10. Store it in a jar and enjoy!
how to dry apple slices at home

It’s soft, chewy, sweet, flavorful, and, most importantly, healthy. My family loves these Sun-Dried Apple Slices, and we always have them at home. In fact, it’s almost effortless to make! 


Buying apples

  • Choose apples that are slightly firm, not soft.
  • Also, discard ones with holes or discoloration.
  • Apples with full color are likely to be sweet. 

Storing apples

  • These fruits can last up to a week at room temperature.
  • Refrigerate the apples for up to six weeks. Place them in the crisper drawer.
  • Alternatively, pre-freeze sliced apples and store them in the freezer for several months.

Sun-Dried Apple Slices Variations

You can try Sun-Dried Apple Slices in other variations that they come in.

Try to use different kinds of apples to know which one you like best. For instance, you can go for Gala apples, Granny Smith, Honey Crisp, or even Fuji apples. Each of these will surely make delicious Sun-Dried Apple Slices.

You can also season these slices with cinnamon powder, sugar, vanilla extract, cayenne pepper, chili powder, and more! Moreover, there are alternative ways to dry apple slices:


  1. Set the dehydrator to 60°C. 
  2. Then, arrange the apple slices on the tray. 
  3. Let it dehydrate for up to 12 hours or until done.


  1. Put the slices on a lined baking tray
  2. Preheat the oven to 80°C for a few minutes. 
  3. Then, dehydrate them in the oven for at least three hours.
  4. Flip the slices every 30 minutes. 

Air fryer

  1. Preheat the air fryer to 180°C. 
  2. Then, arrange one layer of apple slices to the air fryer basket.
  3. Air fry them for ten minutes and flip them halfway through.

Now you’ve got four methods to choose from – sun-drying, dehydrating, baking, or air frying! 

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sun-dried apple ring

How to Serve Sun-Dried Apple Slices

How do you plan on enjoying your Sun-Dried Apple Slices?

Sun-dried apple slices are perfect for breakfast or brunch and snacks. It’s always good to start your day with healthy fruit. Furthermore, you can enjoy it as a snack, especially while working or studying. 

On their own, sun-fried apple slices already make amazing snacks. These will also taste well in trail mix with nuts, seeds, and other dried fruits. I also love adding them to cereal, especially for an extra sweet flavor.

  • Air Fryer Roasted Peanuts – pair savory peanuts with sweet apple chips.
  • Frozen Yogurt – yogurt tastes so much better with apples on the side.
  • Granola – toss in your apple chips with granola for breakfast.
  • Easy Salad – make salads extra special with dried apple slices.
  • Hibiscus Tea – savor a sweet drink with a matching sweet snack.

Storage Tips

At room temperature: These sun-dried apple slices can last up to several months at room temperature.

make ahead

In the fridge: Put the apple slices in an airtight jar or resealable bag. Then, refrigerate them to extend their shelf life.

To freeze: Place them in a freezer bag and freeze for up to two years! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sun dry apple slices?

Of course! Start by preparing the apples. Rinse, slice, and season them. Then, place them on a tray and cover them. Let them sun dry for several days. Just follow along with this recipe for fool-proof sun-dried apple slices!

Are dried apple slices good for you?

Yes, dried apple slices are healthy! They’re loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals to help with immunity, digestion, weight loss, cancer prevention, energy, heart health, and more!

How long do dried apple slices last?

Dried apple slices can last up to several months at room temperature or up to two years in the freezer. Keep them in a jar or resealable bag to store.

How do you dry apple slices naturally?

Slice the apples as thinly as you can. Then, arrange them in one layer with a cover on top to protect them from insects. Leave them to dry during the day and wait until they’re crispy.

how to dry apple slices

Sun-Dried Apple Slices (VIDEO)

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Make your apples last longer and improve their quality by doing this Sun-Dried Apple Slices recipe!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 2 days
Total Time 2 days 5 minutes
Servings 3
Course Fruits, Snack
Cuisine American
Calories 2kcal


  • 3 gala apples


Prepare the apples

  • Rinse the apples. Cut them into thin slices using a knife or V-Blade Slicer.
  • Remove the seeds.

Sun dry them!

  • Spread a single layer of apple slices on a tray. Cover it with a food net cover or mesh to avoid particles, flies, or insects.
  • Place it under the sun and allow it to dry. Turn the apple slices to the other side when you bring them in at night to ensure they dry evenly.
  • Take them out the following day and continue drying. It takes about one to two days to dry completely.
  • Store it in an airtight jar.



  • Use gala apples, fuji, granny smith, or other sweet variants.
  • You can also bake, air fry, or dehydrate the apple slices.
  • Season them with spices of your choice.


Serving: 1 (of 3)Calories: 2kcalCarbohydrates: 1gProtein: 0.01gFat: 0.003gSodium: 1mgPotassium: 5mgFiber: 0.1gSugar: 1gVitamin C: 0.04mgCalcium: 0.1mgIron: 0.01mg
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