Ginger Storage Tip

Ginger is a useful, tasty, healthy, and aromatic herb that can enhance any dish or drink. It can also be used for braising, stewing, grilling, roasting, and stir-frying!

how to store ginger

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Imagine not running out of these life-changing ingredients. Isn’t it practical, affordable, and efficient? 

How to Store Ginger

There’s much more to storing ginger than keeping it at room temperature. Let’s learn the best technique for storing it!



Ginger is a powerful, spicy, and earthy herb that can improve any recipe. Though oddly shaped, this ingredient is actually easy to prepare. Just peel it with a spoon and slice it. 

This also has a rich and fragrant aroma that can make your dishes extra appetizing. It can be used for drinks, desserts, soups, pastries, and more! In fact, it is helpful for dental health, muscle relief, blood pressure, immunity, and digestion. 

Every household needs this for better meals!

Health Benefits of Ginger

It has medicinal properties

Ginger can help cure indigestion, nausea, and the flu. Adding this to your diet will make you feel better!

Helps with weight loss

Sometimes, starting a healthy lifestyle begins with the simplest ingredients like this. It allows you to absorb food better and faster.

Improves brain function

Add ginger to your diet to sharpen your mind. It’s especially suggested for students and working adults to keep them alert.

Stronger immunity

Have stronger immunity against headaches, coughs, colds, infections, and other complications. it is suitable for people of all ages!

Achieve glowing skin

Use this in your diet to feel beautiful and fresh from the inside out. It gives you a wonderful glow to make you feel confident all day!

Soothes menstrual pain

For lady foodies, you might want to try dishes and drinks with ginger for when you have your period. It’ll boost your mood for a relaxed day!

Prevents diabetes

If you are at risk for diabetes, add ginger to your diet. It boosts insulin production and metabolism, so you will feel refreshed and satisfied even without sugar!


  1. Rinse and slice the ginger using a knife without peeling it. 
  2. Then, put the slices into freezer bags
  3. Remove as much air as you can from the bag. 
  4. Freeze it for as long as you want. 

Can you believe it’s easy to make this herb last for a long time? It’s so convenient that you can take some pieces from the freezer when needed! 


How to Select Ginger

The Kitchn recommends buying ginger with tight, thin, and shiny skin. You should also smell a peppery fragrance. Moreover, discard ones with soft spots, discoloration, and cracks. 

How to Make Ginger Powder

Dry it in a dehydrator, in the oven, or under the sun. Once completely dry, use the blender or food processor to achieve a powder consistency. Then, store this in an airtight container to last up to several months. 

Ginger Variations

For peeled and minced ginger, you can store it in a container and refrigerate it for a week. If you have whole gingers, then store them in a resealable bag and refrigerate them for up to several weeks. 

The Spruce Eats also recommends planting ginger so you won’t run out of it again! Cultivate your own by buying its rhizome at the grocery store, planting it in a pot, and keeping the soil moist. Let it sprout and harvest when needed. 

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How to Use Ginger

Ginger is a popular ingredient for drinks such as:

Depending on how you plan to use it in a recipe, it can be peeled, chopped, minced, grated, zested, and juiced. It can also be used for soup, salads, dips, marinades, sauces, etc. 

For dishes with ginger, you try any of the following recipes:

Storage Tips

  • At room temperature: Ginger can be stored at room temperature to last up to a week. 

make ahead

  • In the fridge: Preserve whole or sliced ones in resealable bags. Then, refrigerate and use it within several weeks. 
  • To freeze: Chop it and store it in freezer bags for up to several months. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of ginger?

Ginger is great for fighting bacteria and germs, cancer, and diseases. According to Web MB, it can also help with clean teeth, constipation, nausea, pain relief, and more! This also has natural medicinal and herbal properties for your overall health and wellness.

Is too much ginger dangerous? 

Yes, too much of this can be dangerous. If you consume more than 5 grams daily, then you may be at risk for diarrhea, flatulence, and even heartburn. 

What happens if you drink ginger every day?

According to UCLA, drinking this can help with pain relief, blood sugar levels, digestion, heart health, and more! Long-term consumption also aids in cancer prevention.

Does ginger need to be refrigerated?

If you intend to use it in a few days, then you don’t need to refrigerate it. However, you can do so if you want it to last longer. In fact, it can also be frozen for a longer shelf life!

What happens if you don’t refrigerate ginger?

Unrefrigerated ginger has a shorter shelf life and can develop molds, discoloration, or other signs of rotting.

ginger storage hacks

Ginger Storage Hack (+VIDEO)

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Discover how beneficial this technique will be in preparing and using ginger for your favorite dishes!
Prep Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute
Course Herbs


  • 1 1k ginger (fresh ginger)


  • Rinse and slice the ginger without peeling it.
  • Vacuum seal the slices into freezer bags.
  • Freeze it for as long as you want.



  • Aside from storing your ginger, you can also cultivate your own in your home.
  • You may also make your own ginger paste or powder.
  • Do not consume more than 5 grams of ginger per day.
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