Health Benefits of Oranges

When it comes to the best citrus fruits, the health benefits of oranges put them on top of the list! 

Oranges are small, round fruits that are named after their color. These fruits are divided into juicy and pulpy sacs that are easy and convenient to peel and eat. 

They’re not just for the summer but also your daily fruit needs. Oranges go with lots of fruits and veggies for a kick of sweet, sour, and tangy flavors in your recipes. 

Indeed, the oranges’ vibrant color reflects how bright and exciting they can be for your life. Every bite feels like a taste of happiness, not just in flavor but also in health. 

These are some of my go-to fruits because they’re simple to prepare for kids and adults. Aside from their awesome flavor, oranges are also packed with life-changing health benefits. 

oranges health benefits

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Let’s find out how the health benefits of oranges can turn your life around! 

Nutrition Facts

How good are oranges for your health? The answer lies in how rich it is in nutrients that your body needs. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, these are the nutrients you can get from oranges:

Water86.8 grams
Energy47 kcal
Protein0.94 kilograms
Carbohydrates11.8 grams
Fiber2.4 grams
Calcium40 milligrams
Magnesium10 milligrams
Phosphorus14 milligrams
Vitamin C53.2 milligrams
Folate30 µg
Choline8.4. milligrams
Vitamin A11 µg
Carotene71 µg


An average-sized orange has about 73 calories. Interestingly, eating fresh orange has fewer calories than drinking orange juice which has 110 calories per cup. Either way, you get a good level of energy! 


Miami Herald mentioned that a navel orange has about 16.5 grams of carbohydrates. Larger oranges tend to have more carbohydrates. Since most carbs come from simple sugars, they won’t cause a drastic increase in blood sugar levels. 


Did you know one whole orange can fulfill 11% of your daily fiber intake? No wonder oranges make some of the best fruits for digestion and metabolism. 

The healthy goodness doesn’t stop there because oranges also have vitamins and minerals to boast! 

Vitamins & Minerals

They may be small, but oranges are truly packed with helpful vitamins and minerals for your daily diet. Do you need any of these to keep yourself healthy? 

  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Folate
  • Potassium
  • Citric acid
  • Protein
  • Protein
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Folate
  • Choline
  • Vitamin A
  • Lutein

Can you imagine all of these vitamins and minerals in one fruit? Oranges may be the solution to your daily supplements! 

Plant Compounds

Do oranges have plant compounds too? Of course! You might be surprised at how these compounds add to the health benefits of oranges. 

One of the plant compounds in oranges is hesperidin. It’s an antioxidant that can help repair cell damage and eliminate free radicals for a healthier heart, brain, and immunity. 

Oranges also have naringenin, which is a kind of flavonoid. This compound can help prevent different kinds of illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and hepatitis. 

Just like other citrus fruits, oranges are also rich in carotenoids. The top carotenoids or antioxidants in oranges are beta-cryptoxanthin and lycopene. These carotenoids are good for your eyes and heart. 

These plant compounds, coupled with the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, oranges are guaranteed to give the best health benefits! 

healthy benefits of oranges

Health Benefits of Oranges

It’s time to dive into the 10 health benefits of oranges! These are the reasons why you need to start eating more oranges:

Strengthen bones

Since oranges are rich in calcium, potassium, and vitamin C, they’re guaranteed to strengthen your bones and muscles. According to Very Well Health, a glass of Orange Juice can give more support to your bones. 

Aside from improving bone health, oranges can also prevent bone diseases like arthritis. You will surely have a more active lifestyle with oranges in your diet. 

Fights inflammation

An article by WebMD mentioned that oranges are powerful antioxidants that can actually fight against inflammation even in the long term. Oranges can also reduce inflammation to lessen the severity of certain health problems. 

With the anti-inflammatory properties of oranges, you can expect protection from different diseases. You may also experience pain relief, lesser swelling, and better healing.

Boost immunity

Can you remember the vitamins and minerals you can get from oranges? They can surely boost your immunity for effective protection against bacteria and harmful illnesses. 

Citrus fruits like oranges are some of the top foods to naturally improve immunity because they’re rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants. 

Protect vision

Take care of your sense of sight by adding more oranges to your diet. The vitamin C from oranges can protect the blood vessels in your eyes to maintain 20/20 vision. 

Moreover, oranges can help prevent eye problems such as cataracts. Limoneira says an orange a day can reduce your risk of age-related macular degeneration by 60%. 

Lower stress

If you want to feel relaxed while eating something sweet, you must try oranges. The flavor of these fruits alone can reduce anxiety levels and increase serotonin in your body.

An orange a day certainly keeps the stress away. It lowers cortisol levels to make you feel more relaxed and calm. These fruits can certainly improve and maintain your mental and physical well-being. 

Improve heart health

You will surely have better heart health with the fiber and potassium from oranges. The fiber also protects you from different heart complications such as stroke and heart attack. 

These oranges can also regulate blood pressure levels to help your heart pump blood to your organs. As your heart beats better, you will live longer! 

Soothe skin

Skincare products are not enough; you need a healthy diet with fruits like oranges to maintain glowing and vibrant skin. You can prevent acne, slow down aging, and brighten the skin with vitamin C and citric acid from oranges. 

Once the nutrients from oranges are absorbed in your bloodstream, you will notice how smooth and supple your skin will feel. Who knew that fruits as simple as oranges can upgrade your skincare routine?

Help with hydration

What makes oranges extra juicy is their rich water content. Oranges are 86% water. Aside from drinking water, you can also eat oranges to stay refreshed. 

Healthline mentioned that the hydration from oranges can also prevent the growth of kidney stones. Whether you want to eat oranges or drink orange juice, you’re going to feel hydrated. 

Aid weight loss

Oranges have lots of nutrients and vitamins that can promote weight loss. For instance, the water and fiber content tends to make you feel full to have better control of your appetite. 

Since oranges are low in calories, you don’t have to feel guilty about eating them. Instead of buying sweet treats, just grab an orange and enjoy it! 

Enhance brain health

Stay sharp and alert with the nutrients of oranges that can promote brain health. The antioxidants can also prevent age-related decline in brain function. 

You can use oranges as snacks at work or in school to improve focus and memory. Say goodbye to free radicals that can lead to mental decline because oranges can save the day. 

I am constantly amazed at how oranges affect my life. When I found out about the health benefits of oranges, I started using these fruits for meals with my family. Now, oranges are a favorite in our home! 

Ripening Process

To truly enjoy the sweet flavor of oranges, you must ensure they’re ripe first. Once ripe, you can make so many recipes with these fruits. Here’s how you can ripen oranges as suggested by Go Cook Yummy:

  • Just put the oranges in a paper bag at room temperature to ripen for about three days.
  • You can also store oranges with bananas because of the ethylene that ripes fruits faster. 
  • Alternatively, let oranges ripen naturally in a warm area of your house. 

Meanwhile, here are the signs you need to check when buying ripe oranges:

  • The skin should be thin and vibrantly colored. 
  • Check if the orange feels soft to the touch. 
  • Buy ones that feel heavy for their size. 
healthy oranges

Side Effects

It’s tempting to at oranges because they’re sweet and fun to eat. However, eating too much of these citrus fruits can also lead to consequences: 

  • Nausea – feeling like you need to vomit
  • Diarrhea – irregular and abnormal bowel movements
  • Stomachache – discomfort in the stomach
  • Headache – pain in any region of your head
  • Insomnia – difficulty falling asleep
  • Acid reflux – acid in the esophagus resulting in heartburn
  • Kidney damage – too much build-up of waste and fluid
  • Weight gain – increase in body weight

You can make sure that you’re getting the health benefits of oranges by eating them in moderation. Live Science suggests eating one orange a day for a balanced diet. 


Now that you know the important health benefits of oranges, you can be sure that adding them to your diet is alright. 

Even though they are small fruits, they are not lacking in the best nutrients for your overall health. Knowing how to ripen and enjoy them can surely help you start a healthy lifestyle with oranges. 

When I started adding oranges to my family’s diet, we certainly felt better, physically and mentally. Even my kids love eating oranges for snacks and dessert – Orange Popsicles! 

Once again, these are some of the best health benefits you can get from oranges:

  • Strengthen bones
  • Fight inflammation
  • Boost immunity
  • Protect vision
  • Lower stress
  • Improve heart health
  • Soothe skin
  • Help with hydration
  • Aid weight loss
  • Enhance brain health

Remember to be cautious when eating oranges. They may be delicious, but one orange a day can already do so much. Enjoy! 

Suggested Recipes

orange recipes

Make oranges a part of your family’s dining routine with these tried and tested recipes:

Serve these drinks and dishes to your family and friends to encourage them to have a balanced diet with oranges! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five benefits of oranges?

Oranges have so many health benefits, but five of them include the following:

  • These take care of your heart with better blood flow and blood sugar levels. 
  • Oranges strengthen bones and cartilage with vitamin C and collagen in addition. 
  • You can also soothe and moisturize your skin with the help of oranges. 
  • Protect your overall body from illnesses with lessened inflammation and boosted immunity. 
  • Maintain your vision and brain health with the nutrients you can get from oranges. 

What are the benefits of eating oranges?

Eating oranges can improve your bones, heart, eyes, brain, skin, mood, and overall health. These fruits can protect you from many illnesses and prolong your life with improved quality of life. 

Is it good to eat oranges every day?

Yes, you can eat oranges every day. However, limit your intake to one orange a day. Remember that eating too many of these fruits can also lead to side effects such as headaches, diarrhea, and insomnia. 

Are oranges the healthiest fruit?

Each fruit has health benefits, and oranges are considered healthy. They also have vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can truly change your life.

This post may contain general information and does not constitute professional medical advice. Always seek information or advice from a qualified medical professional. Please read the full disclaimer for details.

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