Health Benefits of Almonds

No matter how small they are, you can always trust the health benefits of almonds to be happier and healthier! 

While popularly called a nut, the almond is actually a drupe fruit that can be harvested from an almond tree. It is a common product in the Mediterranean, North Africa, and West Asia. 

Interestingly, the almond is a white fruit wrapped around a brown layer. Its unique taste combines sweet, bitter, and nutty flavors. 

health benefits of almond
Almonds are known nuts all over the world because of how tasty and healthy they can be for you.

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It comes in many varieties, but sweet and bitter almonds are the most common. You can enjoy it fresh for snacking or cook it to use for your favorite recipes. 

Almonds certainly serve so many purposes in the kitchen. With its health benefits, you will definitely be convinced that it can do the same thing for your health! 

Nutrition Facts

Despite their size, almonds are loaded with essential nutrients that your body must use on a daily basis. Adding these to your diet can make a big difference in your life.

Food Data Central found that these are the nutrients you can find in 100 grams of almonds:

Water4.26 grams
Energy626 kcal
Protein21.4 grams
Carbohydrates20 grams
Fiber10.8 grams
Calcium254 milligrams
Phosphorus503 milligrams
Iron3.74 milligrams
Magnesium258 milligrams
Potassium733 milligrams
Zinc2.86 milligrams
Molybdenum45.3 micrograms
Niacin3.77 milligrams
Biotin74 micrograms
Copper0.91 milligrams
Manganese2.15 milligrams


One serving contains about 23 almonds, which can provide about 165 calories. Most of these calories come from healthy fat, and a small portion comes from carbohydrates and protein.


With 20 grams of carbohydrates in 100 grams of almonds, you can add almonds to your low-carb diet meals. These almonds have a low glycemic index compared to other fruit drupes.


If you need fiber, an ounce of almonds provides three grams. Almonds can surely help you lose and maintain your desired weight. 

Staying healthy and fit is now made fun and pleasant with the nutrients you can get from almonds! 

Vitamins and Minerals 

How rich are almonds in vitamins and minerals? You can get these health supplements from almonds for better overall health! 

  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Molybdenum
  • Vitamin B6
  • Thiamin
  • Biotin
  • Niacin

Each of these vitamins and minerals can provide many health benefits. Almonds contain a significant dose of these supplements, which can keep you well and healthy! 

Plant Compounds

Do you need more reasons to love almonds? Well, wait until you hear all about the plant compounds they have. 

  • Riboflavin (or vitamin B-2): It helps reduce inflammation and combat oxidative stress to protect you from many diseases. In fact, it has been proven to prevent migraines and cancer.
  • Cysteine: You will need the antioxidant potential of cysteine to detoxify your body from chemicals. Cysteine can also support digestion and mental health.
  • Benzaldehyde: Almonds are rich in benzaldehyde, which can help keep your lungs and skin healthy. It is also known for its powerful antifungal properties.

Every almond is definitely worth relishing with these helpful plant compounds. They add lots of health benefits that can make life so much better! 

Health Benefits of Almonds

It’s time to learn all about the health benefits of almonds! Are you ready?

Helps control blood sugar and blood pressure

Almonds can help you avoid numerous health problems by maintaining good blood sugar and blood pressure levels. These drupe fruits also provide many helpful vitamins and minerals.

A study in Advances in Kidney Disease and Health found that lower magnesium levels are linked to high blood pressure. MDPI also shared that magnesium can reduce your risk of getting diabetes.

Luckily, almonds can give you a good dose of magnesium! 

Curbs the appetite

If you want to feel full to stop cravings, almonds can make the perfect snack. You need a good amount of protein and fiber to control your appetite. 

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition mentioned that eating almonds daily can show effects on reducing hunger. Eat these almonds to keep yourself full without losing nutrients! 

Promotes weight loss

Are you trying to lose weight? Almonds can surely help you with your weight loss goals. You won’t have to deprive yourself of good food to eliminate those extra calories. 

According to the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, eating almonds can help you lose weight more than a nut-free diet. You might even trim down your waistline. 

Strengthens bones

Keep your bones strong and healthy to engage in an active lifestyle. You’ll have more energy and endurance to get through a productive day of your daily activities. 

As suggested by WebMD, almonds have calcium and phosphorus to strengthen your bones and help you heal faster from bone problems. These almonds can also protect you from fractures. 

Cleanses the gut

A healthy gut means your organs get to function at their optimum level. With the help of almonds, you can cleanse and detoxify your gut while enjoying the nutrients you need. 

Research by Medical News Today found that eating almonds daily can increase butyrate levels for better gut health. Almonds can also give you more fiber without any gut symptoms. 

Prevents cancer

Almonds can help prevent different types of cancer. Your diet plays an important role in avoiding this health problem.

MedicineNet mentioned that almonds are some of the best foods to eat and have powerful cancer-fighting properties. Moreover, almonds are known to have anti-inflammatory potential to fight against cancer cells.

Improves heart health

Almonds can help your heart in many ways. For instance, they can improve your fat and lipid levels to fight against heart complications. 

A study published in Taylor & Francis Online found that almonds’ antioxidants can improve blood flow and blood pressure. Even a handful of almonds can be good for your heart already! 

Enhances vision

You can eat various healthy foods to keep your vision clear and sharp. Almonds are certainly some of the best foods to consider for when taking better care of your eyes. 

According to Healthline, almonds are some of the best foods for your eyes because of their vitamin E content. They can protect you from cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

Nourishes the skin

Benefits of almonds for skin – There’s a reason why almonds are often used to make skin care products. They have lots of nutrients that can benefit your skin in different ways. It’s truly a misconception that almonds cause acne. 

PharmEasy shared that almonds have flavonoids that serve as anti-aging agents for the skin. These almonds prevent common skin problems like acne and blackheads by unclogging your pores. 

Supports brain function

Benefits of almonds for the brain – Make almonds one of your options whenever you want a snack while you’re working or studying. They can keep you alert and focused on whatever you want to do or learn. 

Northwestern Medicine mentioned that almonds can boost memory for optimal brain function. In fact, these almonds can also increase the growth of brain cells.

Look at how the health benefits of almonds can escalate the quality of your life. Get a handful of almonds and snack away! 

Ripening Process

Whenever you see green almonds, remember those are the unripe ones. Let them ripen for a few more weeks on the tree, or you can also eat them for a bright and citrusy flavor. 

The Spruce Eats shared some of the best tips when buying almonds:

  • You can buy shelled or unshelled almonds, depending on your needs or preferences. 
  • Go for almonds that rattle less because these are likely to be young and tasty.
  • Check the almonds for any rancid aroma or appearance. 

Because of how rich they are in antioxidants, you can store almonds for a longer time without much effort. In fact, packaged almonds can last up to two years at room temperature. 

Side Effects

While almonds present lots of health benefits, you still need to be aware of the risks that come with them. Watch out for these signs and symptoms when eating almonds:

  • Constipation – difficulty moving bowels
  • Malabsorption – decreased nutrient absorption 
  • Weight gain – an increase in body weight
  • Kidney stones – deposit of minerals in the kidneys
  • Almond allergy – intolerance towards almonds
  • Vomiting – forceful ejection of foods through the mouth
  • Diarrhea – abnormal and irregular bowel movements
  • Nausea – feeling sick to your stomach
  • Abdominal pain – discomfort and sharp pain in the abdomen
  • Cyanide poisoning – too much cyanide in the body
  • Vitamin E overdose – excessive intake of vitamin E
  • Heartburn – a burning sensation in the chest

How many almonds are safe to eat in one day? The Almond Board of California suggests eating one ounce or 23 almonds in one day. Start today and experience the benefits later! 


Turn your life around with the incredible health benefits of almonds! 

Aside from the nutrients you can get from almonds, you can also get a burst of pleasant flavors from them. They may be small, but they are definitely big on all the healthy goodness! 

Once again, here are the benefits you can experience from almonds:

  • Helps control blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Curbs the appetite
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Strengthens bones
  • Cleanses the gut
  • Prevents cancer
  • Improves heart health
  • Enhances vision
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Supports brain function

Start with one almond and see how much you enjoy it. As long as you eat an ounce of almonds each day, you can live a healthier and happier life! 

Suggested Recipes

In what ways can you use almonds? The classic way of enjoying almonds is to eat them fresh with other healthy fruits and vegetables. Here are other almond recipes that my family loves:

What’s your favorite almond recipe?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health benefits of almonds?

Almonds have so many health benefits that you can enjoy. They’re good for your heart, brain, skin, eyes, bones, digestion, and overall health. Since almonds are rich in nutrients, you can expect that they can work wonders for your body and mind! 

How many almonds can I eat in a day?

The suggested daily intake of almonds is one ounce or 23 almonds per day. Pair these with other healthy foods to get all of the nutrients that you need for the day. 

What happens if we eat almonds daily?

When you eat almonds daily, you can get lots of health benefits that can improve the quality of your life. For instance, you can have stronger bones, clearer vision, and even glowing skin. 

What are the five health benefits of almonds?

Good news, almonds have more than five health benefits. The top five health benefits will include:

  • Improving your heart health
  • Strengthening bones and joints
  • Boosting brain function and memory
  • Supporting digestion and weight loss
  • Preventing cancer and other health problems

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