Almond Flour vs. Almond Meal

Prepare for a culinary comparison you never thought you needed: almond flour vs. almond meal! Almond flour and almond meal are both made of almonds but in what ways are they different? Let’s find out.

Whether you use the flour or meal, they will certainly help you upgrade your recipes and health. Both are fantastic gluten-free and nutritious options for baking and cooking. 

Turning your almonds into flour or meal can make them last longer. You can also use the almonds simply, effortlessly, and conveniently because you just need to mix them into your dishes. 

Don’t worry; whichever you choose between these products will positively affect your diet and lifestyle. They’re also going to satisfy your appetite.

difference between almond flour and almond meal

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Here, you’ll learn all about the differences between almond meal and almond flour from the nutrients they offer to the recipes you can cook with them! 

How are they made?

Even if both are made of almonds, there’s a difference in the kind of almonds you need to use. 

Almond flour

Before you mill the almonds, you need to blanch and peel them first. First, boil water and blanch the almonds for about a minute. Then, let them cool and squeeze to peel. 

Once the almonds are dry, you can mill them until powdery. To give the flour a refined texture, sift the contents with a sieve. 

Almond meal

Meanwhile, you can make almondmeal by blending or grinding whole raw almonds. It is perfectly fine to include the almond skin, which can give the meal a toasted or roasted flavor. 

Since you will blend the almond skin into the meal, it will be slightly darker in shade than the flour. In addition, the almond meal is coarse in texture but not as fine as flour. 

Now that you know the physical differences, do you want to find out if there are any differences in nutrients?

How healthy are they?

When discussing almond flour vs. almond meal, you need to consider the nutrients. Even if you only need almonds to make the flour and meal, the way they are prepared may have changed their nutritional content. 

Here are the nutritional contents for 100 grams of almond flour and almond meal:

Almond flourAlmond meal
Energy622 kcal583 kcal
Protein26.2 grams20 grams
Carbohydrates16.2 grams20 grams
Fiber9.3 grams12 grams
Fat50.2 grams47 grams
Potassium667 milligrams670 milligrams
Sugar1 gram4 grams

Always remember to choose which one best fits your dietary needs. Since you need to blanch the almond flour, it has different nutritional values. 

Nevertheless, both almond flour and almond meal are good for you!

Health Benefits: Almond Flour vs. Almond Meal

almond flour and almond meal

What health benefits do almond flour and almond meal have to offer?

Almond flour

Let’s start with the benefits you can get from almond flour. 

Protects the heart

Since almonds are good sources of good fat, you can trust that the almond flour can keep your cholesterol in check. When you have regular cholesterol levels, you will also have a healthy heart! 

Regulates blood sugar

With only one gram of sugar in every 100 grams of almond flour, it won’t cause spikes in your blood sugar. According to WebMD, almond flour also has a low glycemic index. 

Promotes digestion

Almond flour is also fiber-rich, which will help your digestion in many ways. It also increases the good bacteria in your intestines to take better care of your gut. 

Boosts energy

Medicine Net suggests almond flour to boost your energy levels. Whenever you want a kick of energy for the day, add almond flour to your breakfast recipes

Prevents cancer

Because of its healthy fat content, almond flour is one of the best cancer-fighting foods you can make. It is especially effective against colon cancer. 

Almond meal

Now, here are the health benefits you can get from almond meal:

Builds bones and muscles

If you want to add more protein to your diet, almond flour is one of the best options. The protein in almond meal can strengthen your bones and muscles, keeping you active. 

Benefits the brain

The Nut Market shared that almond meal can relieve brain fatigue and refresh mind and brain function. It also has positive effects on mental health. 

Improves the heart

Just like almond flour, almond meal is good for your heart. Adding it to your diet also protects your heart from cardiovascular problems like stroke and heart attack. 

Brightens the skin

Keep your skin glowing and bright with the help of vitamin E from almond meal. Sweet Life found that vitamins and antioxidants from this product can reduce inflammation and repair skin cells. 

Aids in weight loss

Whenever you want to lose weight, always do it healthily. By adding almond meal to your recipes, you can improve your digestion and metabolism and get closer to your fitness goals. 

Isn’t it amazing how almond flour and almond meal can affect your health in many positive ways? 

When to use almond flour

almond flour

Since almond flour is finer than almond meal, it is best used for baking. It’s an awesome substitute for wheat flour because it’s 100% gluten-free. 

You will surely get light and fluffy pastries while giving a subtle flavor to your dishes. Whenever you want to bake bread, cakes, or other baked goods, be sure to try baking with almond flour. 

For every cup of plain flour, use about ¾ cup of almond flour. Given its texture, you might need a binding ingredient to make cooking with almond flour easier. 

List down these recipes you can cook with almond flour:

When to use almond meal

almond meal

Relish the flavor of almond meal by adding it to savory dishes. Because of its coarse texture, I suggest using it as an alternative to breadcrumbs or other coating ingredients. 

You will also appreciate its effects on baking with cookies, crackers, and other baked goods you want to be extra crumbly. In case you want to make your bread dense, then you can add some almond meal, too. 

It also works well as a garnish for baking and cooking. In fact, its well-balanced flavor can make your meat dishes taste better. You can also use it as a thickener for soups and stews

What recipes can you cook with almond meal?

You can use almond flour and almond meal interchangeably. Just cook and bake away to find out which one works best for your favorite recipes!

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