Banana Fufu Recipe

Enjoy bananas in a whole new way with one of the best African recipes you can make at home – Banana Fufu!

What makes fufu so popular in Africa? It’s a starchy side dish that you can make from starchy ingredients, like bananas. Banana Fufu has a thick and smooth texture to go with your soups and stews.

You will surely find Banana Fufu fun to eat because you can scoop it out with your hands and enjoy it with your main dishes. It also has a pleasant sweet flavor and a fantastic texture that melts in your mouth.

banana fufu recipe

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Once I tell you everything you need to know about the Banana Fufu, you can easily cook it at home. It will surely give your loved ones a unique dining experience!

How to Make Banana Fufu

Banana Fufu is as easy as other fufu recipes. You can cook it into a thick, sticky, and glorious side dish without any lumps, even on your first try.

With green bananas and some water, indeed, you can make your own version of the Banana Fufu in no time!

green bananas for banana fufu


Here’s everything you need for the Banana Fufu.

Green bananas

Did you know that you can make fufu from green bananas?

Green bananas are unripe bananas that are best eaten when cooked. They have a mildly sweet and sometimes bitter flavor that suits them for fufu.

Just like plantains, green bananas are rich in starch. However, the starch will turn into sugar as they ripen. They also taste well in Indian and African food to make dishes tastier.

You can bake, fry, grill, roast, or steam them to bring out the flavor. Aside from food recipes, these fruits also have lots of health benefits.

Health Benefits of Green Bananas

  • Be Body Wise shared that green bananas can make you feel full for a longer time to promote healthy weight loss. 
  • They are also great for metabolism and gut health.
  • According to Healthline, green bananas can aid in good blood pressure levels, too.
  • These are also rich in antioxidants to keep your hair, skin, and body nourished. 
  • Narayana Health found that you can boost your immunity with green banana dishes! 

What’s your favorite green banana recipe?


One of the secrets to smooth and soft fufu is water! Despite the firm texture of the green bananas, the water will make them easy to blend and mash.

Water also helps remove any lumps for great texture. In fact, water can even balance the flavor of the fufu.

banana puree for fufu

With these two ingredients, you can easily make Banana Fufu! I can guarantee the quality of the flavors and the textures. You might be surprised by how easy the recipe is too. 


Remember this guide whenever you want to make Banana Fufu. 

  1. Use a knife to cut the ends of the banana on a cutting board
  2. Slice along the ridges to peel. 
  3. Then, slice them into thin pieces. 
  4. In a blender, mix the green bananas and water until smooth. 
  5. Heat a pot over medium fire. 
  6. Pour in the blended green bananas.
  7. Stir with a wooden spoon until thick. 
  8. Press the lumps against the pot for a smooth texture. 
  9. Then, reduce the fire to low heat after ten minutes. 
  10. Finally, transfer it to a plate or greased bowl to serve!
best banana fufu

Is it as thick and smooth as you expected it to be? The texture is just glorious, and the flavor is certainly satisfying and delightful! 


Green bananas

Buying green bananas
  • Buy bright or dark green bananas for unripe ones. 
  • They should also feel firm to the touch. 
  • The bananas should not have molds or holes. 
Storing green bananas
  • Keep the green bananas at room temperature. 
  • Also, keep them in the fridge to slow down ripening. 
  • Peel and slice to extend their shelf life to several weeks. 

No-Blender Green Banana Mixture

You can still make the green banana mixture if you don’t have a blender. Just use a food processor or miller as an alternative.

Otherwise, finely chop the green bananas and use puree with a mortar and pestle. Soak the slices in the water for several minutes to soften. 

Banana Fufu Variations

Do you want to know other ways to make Banana Fufu extra special?

Aside from using unripe bananas, you can also use ripe bananas, especially if you want the fufu to have a sweeter flavor. I also suggest mixing bananas and plantains or cassava to make a fufu combination.

For a tropical touch to the fufu, you can replace the water with coconut milk or coconut water or mix in some desiccated coconuts. In case you want it to have a kick of spice, season the fufu with nutmeg, ginger, or cinnamon.

You can also convert this dish to a deliciously creamy Banana Porridge with milk, sweeteners, and spices. I usually use fresh milk, almond milk, or coconut milk.

fufu recipes

Do you have any secrets to your own version of the Banana Fufu? Share it in the comments below!

More Fufu Recipes

  • Plantain Fufu – in Africa, plantains are some of the best fruits to use to make fufu.
  • Semolina Fufu – semolina won’t just be for pasta or bread anymore.
  • Oatmeal Fufu  – here’s a diet-friendly fufu recipe from grains.
  • Pot: Cook the Green Banana Fufu in a pot.
  • Blender: Make the green banana mixture in a blender.
  • Wooden spoon: Stir the contents with a wooden spoon.
  • Knife: Peel and chop the fruits using a knife.
  • Cutting board: Prepare the green bananas on a clean cutting board.

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How to Serve Banana Fufu

Have you tried eating Banana Fufu before?

It’s one of the best dishes to serve for a fun experience because there are several ways to enjoy it. For instance, you can use your fingers to tear off a small bite-sized piece of fufu.

Sometimes, I roll it into scoops or large balls, especially for easy serving to the family. I also love dipping it into soups and stews because of the starchy and sweet flavor that it adds.

It is also a family-friendly healthy recipe for your gluten-free and vegan diet. 

side dishes for fufu

Make the most out of this dish by pairing it with the following recipes:

  • Egusi Soup – fufu is one of the best dishes to serve with Egusi Soup.
  • Fish Stew – enjoy your savory fish stew with a fufu on the side.
  • Assorted Meat Stew – balance the meaty flavors with something sweet.
  • Ewedu Soup – Ewedu Soup is truly more special when you serve it with fufu.
banana fufu

Storage Tips

At room temperature: Eat Banana Fufu within a few hours at room temperature. 

make ahead

In the fridge: Place the fufu in a greased container, then store it. Serve it within five days. 

To freeze: Keep the dish in a freezer bag to extend its shelf life to several weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is fufu made from bananas?

Bananas are some of the ingredients that you can use to make fufu. Sometimes, fufu is also made of oatmeal, semolina, cassava, or even yam.

What is fufu made of?

There are different ways to make fufu. For instance, instead of green bananas, you can also use oatmeal or plantains. In fact, some fufu recipes are made of yams or cassava.

What does fufu taste like?

Fufu usually tastes mild with a hint of sour flavor. However, the banana fufu tends to taste starchy and slightly sweet.

Is fufu just dough?

No, fufu is not dough because it doesn’t have the classic ingredients of dough. Fufu is usually made of a starchy fruit and water that’s cooked until thick and smooth.

healthy banana fufu recipe

Banana Fufu (VIDEO)

4.67 from 3 votes
Making banana fufu has never been easier! This traditional dish, once known only to be served on special occasions, can now be created in the comfort of your home in 20 minutes.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 1
Course Side Dish
Cuisine African, Caribbean
Calories 536kcal


  • 6 green bananas (unripe)
  • 1 cup water


Prepare the green banana

  • Use a knife to cut the ends of the banana. Slice along the ridges to peel. Slice them into thin pieces.
  • In a blender, blend the green bananas and water until smooth.

Make the fufu

  • Heat a pot over medium fire. Pour in the blended green bananas. Stir with a wooden spoon until thick. Press the lumps against the pot for a smooth texture. Reduce the fire to low heat after 10 minutes.
  • Transfer it to a plate or greased bowl to serve with your favorite soup or stew!



  • Use a blender, food processor, miller, or mortar and pestle to make the green banana mixture. 
  • Place the fufu in an airtight container to store. 
  • Push the lumps against the pot to get a smooth texture.


Calories: 536kcalCarbohydrates: 137gProtein: 7gFat: 2gSaturated Fat: 1gPolyunsaturated Fat: 1gMonounsaturated Fat: 0.2gSodium: 19mgPotassium: 2148mgFiber: 16gSugar: 73gVitamin A: 385IUVitamin C: 52mgCalcium: 37mgIron: 2mg
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