Health Benefits of Lemons

Your life we surely be as bright as lemons when you learn all about the health benefits of lemons! 

Lemons are popular citrus fruits known for their sour and acidic juice. They have bright yellow and thick skin that is easy to peel. Lemons are also some of the easiest foods to juice.

There are many types of lemons, but most of them are medium in size and yellow in color with seeds. When it comes to flavor, lemons taste sweet, sour, and even tangy. 

health benefits of lemons
Lemons are vibrant citrus fruits with a sweet, sour, and tarty flavor. They also have incredible health benefits you can reap.

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You can use lemons in sweet and savory dishes, desserts, and drinks. They can certainly make your dishes tastier with a well-balanced flavor. Whatever diet you’re on, lemons are the way to go. 

I’m sure you’re not new to how yummy and useful lemons are, but how healthy are they? Find out everything you need to know about the health benefits of lemons right here, right now! 

Nutrition Facts

What makes lemons healthy? Let’s start with their many nutrients. You may also need most of these nutrients for your diet and lifestyle. 

These are the nutrients in one whole lemon, as mentioned by the Food Data Central:

Water57.8 grams
Energy18.8 kcal
Protein0.715 grams
Carbohydrate6.06 grams
Fiber1.82 grams
Calcium16.9 milligrams
Iron0.39 milligrams
Magnesium5.2 milligrams
Phosphorus10.4 milligrams
Potassium89.7 milligrams
Sodium1.3 milligrams
Vitamin C34.4 milligrams
Folate7.15 micrograms
Choline3.32 milligrams
Vitamin A0.65 micrograms
Lutein and zeaxanthin7.5 micrograms


Did you know that lemon has only 24 calories? It goes with any diet to help you cut down on calories. Although it doesn’t have many calories, the lemon can still keep you active for the day.


An average-sized lemon has about five to six grams of carbohydrates. According to the Institute of Food Technologists, the carbs in lemon are usually composed of fiber and sugars. 


A lemon has more than one gram of fiber which is usually composed of pectin. The soluble fiber in the lemon will surely help regulate blood sugar levels for better digestion. 

Each of these nutrients can truly make a big difference in your life. These are essential parts of your diet; you can find them all in a versatile and delicious lemon!

Vitamins and Minerals

If you think lemons are already loaded with nutrients, then wait until you find out all the vitamins and minerals they come with. You can find all of these in a lemon:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Protein
  • Folate
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin E
  • Sodium
  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin

These vitamins and minerals are an important part of your diet. It’s a good thing that they’re already in lemons. They certainly add more health benefits to lemons beyond what you can imagine! 

Plant Compounds

There are several plant compounds you can find in a lemon. It has citric acid, diosmin, hesperidin, eriocitrin, and limonene. How can these help shape your lifestyle?

Citric acid serves many purposes. According to WebMD, it helps with many skin problems. It even prevents the growth of kidney stones to keep your body cleansed and detoxified. 

Meanwhile, diosmin is known to have positive effects on blood vessels in your body. It also helps reduce inflammation and promote better blood flow. 

On the other hand, hesperidin is a compound that can protect you from heart attacks, strokes, and hypertension. It certainly works wonders for heart health. 

Eriocitrin can boost your immunity to prevent the growth of tumors. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to fight different diseases. In fact, this compound is also good for diabetics. 

Last but not least, the lemon has limonene. It’s a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that’s good for the heart and cancer prevention for good health. 

These plant compounds, coupled with the nutrients in a lemon, certainly make it a superfruit. What are you waiting for? Buy lemons to improve your diet and your health!

Health Benefits of Lemons

What changes in your health can you expect from lemons?

Improves heart health

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which is good for the heart. Vitamin C helps reduce the risk of heart problems like strokes and heart attacks. 

A study in the Chemistry Central Journal mentioned that the compounds and fiber in lemons can improve heart function. In fact, regularly eating lemons can also be good for your blood cholesterol levels. 

Helps manage weight

Despite its sweet and sour flavor, the lemon has proven to be one of the best citrus fruits for weight loss and weight management. It has lots of fiber, like pectin, to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

With the many ways you can use lemons, they will surely make good fruits for your diet. According to J-Stage, lemons can also prevent weight gain in different ways. 

Protects the kidneys

One of the most common kidney problems is the growth of kidney stones. With the help of lemons, you can protect your kidneys by reducing the growth of these kidney stones. 

One study in the National Library of Medicine mentioned that the citric acid in lemons can increase urine pH to make your body a better environment for your kidneys! 

Prevents anemia and cancer

Lemons can help lower the risk of anemia and cancer. They are great for absorbing iron from different food sources, such as meat and fish. 

Iron deficiency anemia is quite common. It occurs when one doesn’t get enough iron from the foods one eats.

Vitamin C and citric acid are both nutrients that can protect against anemia and cancer. According to Medical News Today, the antioxidants in lemons play an important role in preventing these health problems.

Promotes digestion

With 10% of the carbohydrates in lemons coming from fiber and sugar, you can expect that they can help with proper digestion. These fruits are rich in pectin, one of the best forms of fiber. 

A study in Metabolism suggested that soluble fiber also promotes gut health by reducing blood sugar levels. For the best digestion results, I suggest eating the pulp of lemons. 

Nourishes the skin

Keep your skin smooth and supple by adding more of these lemons to your diet. The vitamin C from lemons promotes the production of collagen to take better care of your skin. 

According to research by Taylor and Francis, vitamin C in its natural form is great for preventing skin damage. It will surely protect you from sun exposure, sunburns, and pollution. 

Boosts immunity

Lemons are rich in antioxidants, which boost immunity. You might not catch the common cold and flu in a year! 

Just adding lemon juice to water can work wonders for your immunity. A study conducted in Cochrane Library revealed that lemon can also shorten the recovery time for colds and flu. 

Relieves oral disorders

Brushing your teeth is not enough; use lemons to maintain your oral health. These fruits are good for your teeth and gums and prevent swelling and bleeding. 

Lemons are also natural painkillers for toothaches. Luminous Dentistry suggests using cold water and a straw to avoid enamel erosion. Gargle after drinking, and don’t forget to brush your teeth! 

If you want to experience these health benefits of lemons, then start investing in these fresh fruits now! They’re ultimately versatile, delicious, and absolutely good for you! 

Ripening Process

The best time to use lemons is when they’re ripe and fresh. They will surely be loaded with sweet and tangy flavors from the juice to the pulp. Here are some tips on how to ripen your lemons:

  • Just leave the lemons at room temperature for several days to ripen.
  • You can also place them under already-ripe lemons to speed up the process.
  • Otherwise, harvest the lemons only when they are ripe.

Once the lemons are ripe, you can use them for any recipe you want! 

Side Effects

Lemons may work wonders for your health, but they also come with side effects if consumed in excess. Here are some of the side consequences you can experience from these fruits:

  • Heartburn – a burning sensation in the heart
  • Nausea – feeling sick to your stomach
  • Vomiting – ejection of food from the esophagus to the mouth
  • Ulcers – painful sores
  • Acid reflux – acidic gastric flow in the esophagus
  • Frequent urination – release of urine often
  • Dehydration – lack of water in the body
  • Canker sores – lesions in soft tissues in the mouth
  • Migraines – a throbbing headache in a certain area of your head
  • Sunburn – inflamed skin due to sun exposure

To enjoy lemons without these health benefits, limit your intake to about two lemons a day. You can also use them for dishes you like, in addition to using them in water. 


You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! 

When you use lemons in your diet, you’re enjoying their flavor and quality, as well as their health benefits. They can help you in so many ways that can give you a better life! 

Here’s a recap of how lemons can change you:

  • Improves heart health
  • Helps manage weight
  • Protects the kidneys
  • Prevents anemia and cancer
  • Promotes digestion
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Boosts immunity
  • Relieves oral disorders

Always take advantage of these benefits because they’re definitely going to keep you well and healthy! 

Suggested Recipes

Are you running out of ways to use lemons? Well, here are the best lemon ideas I can suggest:

No matter how you use lemons, make sure you’re going to enjoy them! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top health benefits of lemon?

The top health benefits of lemons include preventing different kinds of diseases such as cancer, anemia, common cold, and flu. You can also expect lemons to help with keeping your skin nourished and moisturized.

These fruits are also good for your heart, kidneys, and oral health because of how rich they are in vitamins and antioxidants. In fact, lemons also come in handy in losing and maintaining the proper weight. 

Is drinking lemon every day good for you?

Yes, drinking lemons every day is good for you as long as you do so in moderation. They give your body essential nutrients for overall health and wellness. Wait until you experience the effects of these lemons! 

What are the benefits of drinking lemon water?

Adding lemon water to your diet can help you absorb more nutrients in your body. You can get plenty of antioxidants and minerals from this drink. It also helps with weight loss to get you one step closer to being fab and fit.

What happens if we drink lemon water daily?

Drinking lemon water every day is good for your heart, skin, weight, gut, kidneys, brain, oral health, and immunity. It comes with plenty of other health benefits you will find helpful!

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